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You need not doubt this, for it is real.
On June 9, 2010, these six babies (four boys and two girls) were born to this black couple in Ohio, U.S.   At birth, their combined weight was nine and a half pounds, and they were reported to be doing very well.
In this picture, the proud parents, Mia and Rozonno McGhee, sorrounded by the new arrivals.



This picture is from a war ravaged part of Africa where starvation and thirst has brought the young chap in this picture almost to the point of death.The lesson from this is obvious: you are much better off in your part of the world. Regardless of how bad our situation may be, someone somewhere suffers more than we do. And even if only for that singular reason, we should be grateful to God. 

City of Pripyat; a generation later...

Picture of the desolate city of Pripyat; laid waste as its 50,000 strong population was forced to evacuate in the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disater in 1986.
This picture was captured by a drone.



Apart from being moved by this scene, I have read my own meanings to what you see here. I have imagined this crippled crawling human skeleton asking the walking man this question: ' Will you walk away from me?' Anyway, it is my own imagination, but let me put this challenge to you: will you, in all honesty, keep moving if you have and you are being begged for 'just a little', as seen in this picture? Will you really walk away?




I have always been moved whenever I see this picture in Wikipedia.
This is a picturial illustration of a 19th century African slave, with his back so intensely mutilated - the result of barbaric corporal punishment.
Nowhere to be compared (in terms of magnitude of cruelty) to the Arab spear-headed trans-Saharan slave trade, the Trans-atlantic slave trade still remains one of the worst episodes of man's inhumanity to man in world history.
While I doubt if Africa could ever forget the historic tragedy of the slave trade, on a personal note I don't believe that Africans should continue holding grudges against the Europeans of our generation or asking for reparations or compensation for crimes committed against Africans by past white generations - a different set of white people, who have all since passed away.

What's so special about this beauty contest?

What do you think these ladies have in common? 
It is not their black skins or the colour of their swim wears that  we want in the spotlight; you only have to look a little below to discover that they all have only one functional leg. This is a picture from Angola and these ladies are some of the victims of landmines. Landmine explosions have made a noticeable number of Angolan population like this - part of the sad, lingering reminders of the Angolan civil war.

The Mysterious Swastika

This Google Earth picture of four unconnected buildings in the Coronado Naval Amphibious base in San Diego. The complex was planned in 1967; a time when satellite imagery of this quality could have been unimaginable to the planners of the complex architectural design. But some are still asking whether this was entirely an accidental design.
A little reading in world history would explain why a Swastika symbol is the last thing to be found on American soil!


'Hope is not lost... somehow, someday, we will know how it came about: we will unravel the mystery; we will know who lies below there; we will know whose hand it really is'. 

 And then, another hand...

This is indeed the 'era of mysterious hands'. This is an awesome picture shot in outer space, 17,000 light years away, and it made some news headlines in early April 2009. 
It is the picture of the nebula around PSR B1509-58 which looks like a hand reaching out to grasp the red light. 
Allow your imagination to run wild: what comes to your mind as you look at this?

 The close shave...

Take a look at this animated picture in which the Earth appears at the center. This imagery illustrates the near-collision of the giant asteroid 2005 YU55 with the earth on November 8, 2011.The diagonal line represents Earth’s orbit around the sun. The moon is shown orbiting Earth, and the path of asteroid YU55 can be seen as it carried the asteroid inside the moon’s orbit. Imagine the scale, keeping in mind the fact that the moon’s orbit is roughly 770,000 kilometers (475,000 miles) wide. As you can see, the speeding giant asteroid YU55, with all the lethal force packed in its massive size, missed Earth by a margin of 319,000 kilometers (about 200,000 miles).
Asteroid collision with Earth in the past had resulted in the extermination of entire species of living things on earth and radical changes in Earth's topography.

(Note: we categorise this imagery into this section because of the significance of this largely unnoticed event)

Some unusual incidents will sometimes happen if we push our chances too far. This picture shows an exhausted horse collapsed as a result of being overloaded. Talk of
animal abuse.

A Biafran locally manufactured Panhard armoured vehicle nick named 'The Oguta Boy'; one of the relics of the Nigerian civil war, which shows the military creativity of the then Biafran secessionists. Not too bad a feat going by the standards of the time, and the extreme circumstances under which they were produced.


Early in the morning of August 6, 1945, the atomic bomb was dropped from the bomber plane, Enola Gay on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The city was obliterated. The explosion and radioactive fallout killed tens of thousands of people. This action was truly an undeclared experiement of a new weapon - and its success redefined modern warfare. In later years, military historians were to admit that the atomic bombing of Japan was no longer needed to bring about the country's capitulation.

These pictures show the real Radovan Karadzic (left), and the disguised Radovan Karadzic (right) as he was found at the time of his arrest.
(Pictures as featured in our August 2008 Front Burner)

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