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 The innocence of a baby is one of the great wonders of God's creation.


Have you ever bothered to ask why top US personalities usually pay surprise visits to Iraq and Afghanistan?
Now, on one of such occasions towards the end of his presidency, former US president George Bush got more than he bargained for when a 28-year old Iraqi journalist, Muntadar al-Zaidi (seen in this picture) hurled his shoes at president Bush.

   A soldier teaching a woman how to use a rifle, during the Nigerian civil war.


The pictures you are seeing have caused a lot of controversy especially in the US.
US President Barack Obama made this gesture of courtesy while exchanging greetings with the King of Saudi Arabia at the Group of 20 meeting in London on April 2, 2009. While some US government officials have insisted that it was not a bow that the US president made to the Saudi monarch, lots of other people have argued that it was actually a bow to the king.
Shine your eyes. What do you think? Did Obama bow?


Now, let's look at it from another angle. Did Obama bow??


Michael Jackson himself was once sighted on a Molue bus in Obalende, Lagos.

On another occasion he was sighted on this Danfo bus at Oshodi, Lagos...
How we came accross this picture is none of your business.


This is the length to which some people will go to honour the dead.
According to these people, the dead person they are burying in this grave will be watching plasma TV and enjoying all the pleasures that over 70% of the living cannot dream of, all in this grave. It is well.

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