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  Real Pictures That Stubbornly Defy Logic


 The unusual images in the following pictures are images no one would ever see under a normal circumstance. They are appearances that only occur when the subjects are convinced that no human eyes could see them. These pictures were shot by unmanned motion-activated cameras hidden by hunters in the woods.

  A winged, tailed sabre-toothed creature on all fours chasing a deer. No one has been able to explain what this strange creature is.

               An unknown humanoid creature caught by the unmanned motion-activated camera. 

                                                     What on earth is this?

             The camera captured what appears to be a small boy. Notice the unusual, bright, sparkling eyes.

             Another image caught by the camera.

              What could this be?

        No one was able to explain this also. Ordinarily a small child wouldn't do this, in the dead of the night, near wild animals. Analists also commented that the cloth of the child did not correspond to current fashion for children in the nearest human settlement. It looked rather medieval.

             Who could this be?

       The camera also caught this image of cloaked men(?) without faces, who were wandering in the wood.

My thoughts? I am one of those who subscribe to the notion that regardless how long humanity has been around, we don't have absolute knowledge of all what is around us or out there. Mankind would continue to be baffled by mysterious appearances and disappearnces. And that's partly why so many have a phobia for the dark, and the unknown.

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