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Aries Dynamics is the name representing the sum-total of my constructive, legitimate profit-oriented internet activities. That is, all my online profit-oriented activities put together are represented under the umbrella name, ARIES DYNAMICS.
 Though Aries Dynamics was originally designed and conceived as an online commercial endeavour, as time goes on and my profit-oriented activities expand to the extent of also having offline or ‘real life’ aspect(s), ‘Aries Dynamics’ would become the name representing my entire business.
Aries Dynamics is a personal initiative and a one-man business which has an eye on embracing other persons and additional ideas in the likely event of further expansion(s) in the future.
The establishment of Aries Dynamics in January 2010 essentially ushered me into the club of self-employed persons and, from the details you are going to see on this page, the types and seriousness of the commercial activities under Aries Dynamics makes it a complete error of judgement for anybody to ever describe or classify me as an unemployed person.
   Aries Dynamics is a life-long profit-oriented project, and no matter what other occupation or profession I may get involved with in the future, the interests of Aries Dynamics would continue to have a second-to-none importance to me, and my personal success as a person under such future circumstance(s) shall be judged according to how much I would be able to successfully harmonise such alternative involvements with Aries Dynamics.
 For me personally, the long-term significance of this project is such that the only factors that could bring an end to the operations of Aries Dynamics are force majeure events such as mortality or a permanent disruption or termination of the Internet on a global scale.

The section of this website which deals with Aries Dynamics is an important section of the plethora of information disseminated on this site. The information I am going to give here should all be understood within the context of the fact that I am aware that a lot of people ask questions about what Ajibola Aries REALLY does. Some of these people ask such questions in manners that suggest suspicion and/or reservations.

 In a way, the concern shown by some people is understandable. Ajibola Aries is known to be very active on the internet, and a lot of people have already seen at least some circumstancial evidence that I do make money on the internet.

 I have come to understand two important factors that could make my activities on the internet susceptible to misunderstanding or controversy. The two factors are:

1. The fact that in a world where internet fraudsters are becoming increasingly notorious and ubiquitous, money related activities on the internet tend to attract suspicion. Thus, where a young man says he makes money and even a living on the internet, a lot of people tend to think of internet fraud (what, in Nigerian clime, is called 'yahooyahoo') or something sinister.

2. The fact that the majority of employed people are engaged in offline types of employment, whereby they have physical offices they go everyday - which is the type of employment they have come to perceive as the normal type of employment. Even though many of these people use the internet, most of the time they do so when they just want to relax (like on Facebook). Thus, a lot of people don’t see the internet as something that could become a source of serious, legitimate employment. An individual that says he works for money on the internet is therefore often not taken seriously and thus many people find it hard to reconcile the Internet with a serious business.

 These two factors are reflections of misconceptions. The virtual world is a world of its own and the internet is to the virtual world like what the physical transportation system(s) is to the physical world. The fact that sinister-minded people (e.g. underworld men) exploit the physical transportation system does not make the activities of law abiding citizens who are making use of the same transportation system illegal. Similarly, the fact that people without serious or legitimate businesses make use of the physical transportation systems does not trivialise or discredit the activities of serious-minded, well meaning people who are using the same media for serious, legitimate transactions. It is on the basis of these simple analogies that reservations about my activities on the internet cannot hold water.
Thus, while it is true that some people use the Internet for trivial and fraudulent purposes, it is also true that there are some of us who are doing serious and legitimate businesses on the Internet. And this, we are very proud and confident to openly declare.

 Having pointed out in a simple logical manner that internet activity is not necessarily fraudulent or trivial, I will now proceed to outline my money-earning activities on the internet, all of which, put together are code-named ARIES DYNAMICS. The following are the activities which constitute ARIES DYNAMICS:

This is the core of my online business. I take the trouble to be at almost 24 hours alert to the fluctuations in the US dollar and to take advantage of favourable levels. When the exchange rate favours me, I quickly use the naira to buy some amounts of  digital currencies at the favourable price and then resell it within Nigeria at a price at which I make gains from the sale of each unit spill-over. I am active on a number of secure websites which act as platforms for digital or e-currency buyers and sellers to display their wares on daily basis, and how much money I make at any point in time depends on the amount of e-currency I can afford to trade at any particular time, the value of the dollar, my commercial diplomacy, the number of clients/customers I have been able to acquire, among other factors.

I deal in digial currencies or e-currencies (electronic currencies) and cryptocurrencies and NOT in the physical dollar. I either earn my digital currencies from my writings, profit-oriented researches, masternode rewards, faucets, website administration, advertisements, or I purchase my digital currencies from any established, government-recognised exchanger outfit (otherwise called a backbone supplier) either directly or using a foremost Nigerian financial institution as middleman. All transactions are done transparently and I am fully registered with the exchangers.
For the purpose of protecting my business and preventing competitors and potential competitors from knowing the sources (that is, sellers) of the e-currencies that I purchase and resell, it is necessary for me to refrain from publicly disclosing these outfits and institutions.
The policy of my business is that such information is of strategic importance and shall only be available to trusted insiders and investigative authorities. Trusted insiders shall be entitled to such information by virtue of the healthy, close relationship I have with them, while investigative authorities shall be entitled to such information if they are mandated by the law to do so and if such information would aid their statutory obligations.
It is important for me to state categorically that what I do is NOT the traditional forex trade. I am an e-currency seller as much as a cryptocurrency trader. 
And I don't intend to go into the traditional forex trading, at least for now.

(2) SHARES TRADING: I actively trade in shares (now called Royalty Positions or RP), mainly on the platform of Future Business Group LTD's MyTrafficValue. I have been doing this for years. The simple process is that I buy considerable number of shares (according to my financial strength) when share prices are low, and then sell them when the share prices rise satisfactorily above my original price of purchase. In this trade, I rely to a large extent on the wild moment-to-moment fluctuations in share prices, for my profits, but more often than not, I make gains in as much as I keep my eyes on the fluctuations. It is the net profits from this that I periodically inject into different sectors of Aries Dynamics in order to ensure stability or prevent outright business collapse in a worse scenario.
It should however be noted, that the business I listed here as 'Share Trading' is quite different from item No 1, mainly in the sense that while in item no 1 the commodity I deal in are digital currencies that are ALWAYS domiciled in my private payment processor accounts (and therefore under my absolute control), in 'Shares Trading' my digital currencies have been used to buy shares, which are always domiciled in my accounts in online marketplaces, ready to be sold whenever conditions are favourable. Also, while my activities under item no 1 are meant to bring direct profits, my trade in shares under item no 2 is meant to ultimately ensure stability for my other online commercial activities.
A screen shot of activities on one of the platforms on which I trade in shares (as at August, 2016) **This is peroidically updated.

(3) SALE OF DIGITAL CURRENCIES: This is different from item number 1, in the sense that the sale of digital currency has to do solely with the fact that I sell the digital currencies which I earn from sources such as writing, advertisements, PTCs, traffic exchange and revenue sharing programs, etc either in the form of direct income from my activities in such programs, or from referral commissions. This sale of digital currency is an active business on its own and my involvement in it dates back as far as January 2010.
The main digital currencies I sell at the moment are Encocoin, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

(4) DIGITAL AND CRYPTO CURRENCY MINING: This is one of the more recent sources of Aries Dynamics income and it was calculated that, other things being equal, by August 2016 it would have surpassed other Aries Dynamics activities in terms of the income that accrues to Aries Dynamics through it. 
Aries Dynamics digital and crypto currency mining is a form of cloud mining and is different from the digital and crypto currency activities of professional miners. Aries Dynamics digital and crypto currency mining is the type of mining that is powered y the quantity of CLDs, GHs and HC that we have acquired on different mining sites.
Due to the high level of the stability of the mining sites that we use, digital and crypto currency mining has become listed as a viable income activity under Aries Dynamics.
However, beginning from the January 20, 2019, ARIES DYNAMICS formerly joined the Encocoin XNK mining pool by acquiring its very first masternode on the Encocoin network.

I am the Webmaster or Admin behind a number of websites, which I run on daily basis on behalf of the real owners. I get paid for this Webmaster service I offer in a manner and pattern determined by my Terms of Service and also by the nature of my relationship with the site owners.
While it is true that I run varying numbers of websites, the only website that is personally and exclusively owned by me is 
For moral and ethical reasons, I DON'T administer porn sites, HYIPs or any ponzi scheme site, FBT sites, no matter how much money I am offered to do so. 

I do this from time to time on a sort of contract basis. I conduct extensive researches on the internet and produce written or typed reports on same for onward transmission to those who I conduct the research for, who are mostly first degree and Masters degree students, owners of topical or intellectual websites, as well as other citizens who want research(es) to be conducted on their behalf on the internet. As a rule that is based on my personal moral principle, I don’t write thesis or projects for students, but I can collect relevant data, analyse same and prepare research reports from which they can draw resources , guidance and inspirations for their works. I can also help edit and modify parts of their already prepared works. All works are received, packaged and returned over the internet.

(7) ADVERTISEMENT: This is one of the most important arms of Aries Dynamics and this consists of two distinct commercial activities:
(i) I accept and run adverts and other promotions on various pages of my website and charge some modest fees for it.
The advertisement aspect of Aries Dynamics are in the form of conventional adverts, banners, the referal links of other people paid for by the owners, banners that contain my own referal links, as well as whole page adverts.
(ii) I drive traffic to other people's online resources (e.g. web sites, blogs) through the sale of advertisement packages of various prices, depending on the amount of traffic a customer wants for his/her online resource(s). The traffic I continously direct to the website of customers always consists of REAL, UNIQUE HUMAN VISITORS who would be actually interacting with the targetted site(s) on continous basis. In other words, I do effective advertisement campaigns for other people's websites and blogs. I do all my advertisements WITHOUT SPAMMING. My advertisement campaigns is one of the most dynamic and successful aspects of Aries Dynamics' advertisement business.

PROOF-READING: I gained a reputation for being a good proof-reader for one singular reason: my ability to pick holes and make appropriate corrections in the presentations of people many of who ordinarily believe they are beyond such errors. There are equally many others who know they are weak at making presentations and who submit their drafts to me for proof-reading. I have also done proof-readings for a couple or so websites, especially for non-English website owners who run English websites. This has enabled me to help many people improve the quality of their presentations. I have therefore gone commercial with this talent. It needs to be pointed out, however, that I am not a professional proof-reader but I am able to remain in this business because what people really care about is the RESULTS I produce, and I have been up to the task. Thus, people that I have worked for have the habit of recommending me to other people and so I continue to have work to do.

Before starting my own website, I have made contributions to many websites and online forums. When I saw how respected my contributions were usually received and regarded by people, I decided to turn it into a money-making exercise. At any point in time, there is a number of online forums that I participate. 
The only exception to my success story and rising profile in the virtual world was my past experience with Goldentalk, when on December 2, 2011, I discovered that my account in Goldentalk forum was disabled by one of the moderators, the late Jambutty, for a frivolous excuse. For the sake of posterity, I would like interested persons to see the reply that I gave to the administration of Goldentalk because it contains some of my own side of the story. Read my reply to Goldentalk 
For my full statement which further clarifies my own side of the matter for records' sake, CLICK HERE.

Meanwhile, since the world goes beyond Goldentalk, my activities in other forums continue as usual and I keep getting my payments and I remain strong and in high spirits.

N:B: I have since discontinued all kinds of patronage and monitoring of High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs). The following write-up is merely a reflection of the views held by me during the time I used to patronise them.
I would personally NEVER encourage anyone to invest in any HYIP.

I do not categorise my investments in High Yield Investment Programs as part of Aries Dynamics and as such, my dealings with HYIPs is not listed under Aries Dynamics.
I belong to the school of thought whose position is that investment(s) in High Yield Investment Programmes (HYIPs) cannot be defined as 'business'. My investments in HYIPs (which I only do from time to time) is merely a source of residual income and is more like a 'gamble' than a business. As a person with some good business sense, it does not make sense for me to depend on the vagaries of unstable, unregulated entities called HYIPs as a major source of income. Nevertheless, I mentioned it here because it was still an online money-making activity that I sometimes participate in and I need to throw more light on my stance on it and state categorically that MY INVESTMENTS IN HYIPS IS NOT A PART OF ARIES DYNAMICS. (Thus, while my investments in HYIPs is NOT a part of Aries Dynamics, my act of selling the digital currencies that I earn from these investments, is a  separate business and, as highlighted under item 3 above, that actual selling business is part of Aries Dynamics).

Investing in Hyips is so risky that it is not very different from gambling. However, from time to time I deliberately put some money in HYIPs in order to use the proceeds to top up my store of digital currencies from time to time. One of the reasons why I keep patronising HYIPs from time to time is because I am instinctively very stubborn and my stubbornness has made me to tarry in the 'industry' for so long to the extent that I have developed enough experience and knowledge as to be able to successfully ‘gamble’ with my money at least 50% of the time. Also, the referral commissions I earn also do a lot to keep me in the game.


High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs) are very controversial mainly because of the fact that the industry is unregulated. It is this fact of lack of regulation that makes it easy for scams to dot the landscape of the HYIP industry. As a very experienced player in the industry, I can state categorically that most of these online investment websites are fraudulent and will run away with investors' money at some time or the other. It is we investors who know how much we risk each time we invest in them. Those of us who have tarried long in the industry have been able to do so mainly because experience has taught us different ways to maneouvre and survive in profit, despite the antics of fraudulent admins.
However, when we talk about the risk(s) in the HYIP industry, it has much more to do with the danger an individual investor faces, in terms of being scammed, rather than whether investing in HYIP itself is legal or not. In practical terms, those of us in the field have long dispensed with the question of its legality when controversies sorrounding it have finally forced us to accept the middle course position that it's neither here nor there. For me, the difficulty is simply that, from my own humble understanding of the law, it is simply difficult to find sufficient evidence against HYIPs and at the same time it is difficult to convince those who are afraid of taking risks.

 Personally, in order to ensure some semblance of legality to my involvement in HYIPs and/or at least to satisfy my own conscience, I ensure that:

I invest in programs in which investors’ money are said to be used for lawful businesses such as forex, agriculture, mining etc – as long as I have investigated and do not see evidence that is contrary to this claim.

I invest or buy shares in programs whose owners make claims to being legally registered and licensed – as long I have investigated and do not see evidence that is contrary to this claim. 

All my investment activities are open and transparent, and since HYIPs are unregulated entities, the openness and transparency with which I deal with them is partly meant to create the room for appropriate authorities, knowledgeable people and other concerned persons to ask questions and even draw my attention to any related matter in which I might err.
  It is important that I point out that out of the several thousand webmasters and admins that are doing business on the internet, Ajibola Aries is among the few ones who are confident and transparent enough to give details about themselves, their past, their backrounds, their activities, their vision and their mission.
All this is in line with my oft-repeated principle that: 
give some information about yourself; remove the anonymity if you have no skeleton to hide.

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