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  I am a man of modest ambition. I have brought my mind to focus on a few but noble goals all of which in my calculations are within my capability to achieve within a lifetime. I was trained in the university in the field of History and International Studies (otherwise called International Relations and Strategic Studies), with a view of becoming a future member of the diplomatic corps of Nigeria.
Ideally I am supposed to go into the diplomatic field, but I have not ruled out other possibilities in other fields especially against the backdrop of my being conscious of possible issues and circumstances which may make my diplomatic ambition less feasible.
It is not by all means that I become a diplomat.

 After doing some feasibility studies for over a year, I deliberately dabbled into certain private commercial activities online in the areas of writing, profit-oriented researches, e-currency purchase and exchange trades, website administration, advertising, faucet management, cryptocurrency mining and paid surveys in order to ensure that I constructively engage myself by spending significant portions of my time on my hobby – internet correspondence and allied activities, in such a way that they would help to actualise my ultimate ambitions. In other words, my tactic is to use what I enjoy to get what I want.

 The private commercial activities I am presently involved in are basically meant to generate revenue towards three major ends:

1.      To meet some of the demands of daily living and my progressive activities including the costs of the maintenance of my progressive online endeavours

2.      To build the necessary financial support foundation upon which my further trainings necessary for the achievement of my ambition to be a diplomat would be based

3.      To achieve my long held dream of becoming a philanthropist and a humanitarian who wiould wage a war against the poverty in other people’s lives through my extensive acts of generousity.

My humanitarian operations will be based on these principles:

(i)            that the wealth that I would acquire in future is not mine; that it is merely entrusted to me by God as a test and as an instrument to help bring about a better world.

(ii)          that the pleasure and pride that I would derive from seeing other people prosper as a result of my kindness and generousity, is the best approach towards achieving true worldly happiness and peace of mind for myself. This is a sharp contrast to the mindset of many already affluent people who believe that what they have acquired is their own; that to help other people is a burden, and are basically reluctant to see people of lower economic status rise up to their own level of prosperity.

   (iii)  that the kindness and generousity of powerful and affluent individuals can substantially alleviate the sufferings of ordinary people who for one reason or the other did not benefit from the efforts of the government.

 I foresee myself in future becoming a person who would eliminate poverty wherever I go. I believe that nobody has any business with hunger; I have made a promise to God never to be stingy when I achieve affluence, and I look forward to a day when hunger would disappear anywhere I establish my presence.
The wealth that is required to achieve all this; my intention is to acquire it through private, legitimate means. 
I have no political ambition and I do not belong to any political association, neither am I associated with any power bloc or caucus. While having the capability to work with other people, my individuality and independence matter to me, hence the main thrust of the planning and organisation of my humanitarian operations revolving around my personal charisma. To achieve my welfarist and humanistic ends, I believe more in the efficacy of economic power than that of political power.

The humanitarian endeavours that I aspire to dabble into, are not intended by me to bring me fame or popularity, though I acknowledge that these may come as natural, unintended consequences of such endeavours.


I have always strongly believed that there is a definite plan by God to use me as an important instrument of constructive influence in the lives of many people.
I believe that the odds are that in the end, I would not be seen as just any other ordinary person.

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