In defence of positive values; in fairness to all.
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 Inspired originally by humanitarian values long before my commercial interests came into play, this website is the direct result of my being a strong believer in altruism.
 The promotion of all things that fall within the confines of human values has always been of very great importance to me and so I have sought, not only to express this passion, but also to discover and then exploit avenues through which as many fellow humans as possible could benefit from whatever I have to offer.
 I am of the conviction that if everyone sincerely and practically adopts a policy that he/she must leave the world in a better state than it was met, the world would be relieved of most of its present problems.
I have therefore worked to develop a website that would take care of as many legitimate interests as possible. 
From this website people would benefit intellectually, receive genuine information, get inspired and motivated, and have the opportunity to express themselves.
The Liberal and Variety Website shall also serve as an authentic source of information about my commercial activities and other constructive projects.
 Therefore, this is a website that must of necessity expand as time goes on.
 With this inevitable expansion, it promises to get more interesting.
 Running a professional website has always been one of my dreams. Reference to 'professional website' is made here because I aim for excellence. 
 This website did not arise out of it being a hobby, but rather because as a graduate of International Studies and a likely future diplomat with private businesses whose tentacles have already transcended international borders, I have been trained and oriented to be worldwide in outlook.
I look beyond my immediate environment; beyond my state; beyond my region; beyond my country and continent, and I resolve that I must be truly international.
I want to spread the tentacles of my constructive ideologies into every region of the globe; to have, in every country, some people who are reached - and possibly influenced, by these positive values.
 This website is going to reflect my outlook on life which is basically liberal, and the fact that I also tag this website a 'variety website' brings to the fore my intention to embrace and reflect as many legitimate interests as possible on the website.
The implication of this is inevitable and constant expansion.
 The challenge that this presents  is obvious, but this goes beyond me to you and other readers, in the sense that you all have the opportunity to make suggestions on what additional modifications to add to this site, and also offer general advice on how it could improve.
Thank you for visiting and I hope you will have a nice time.

 - Ajibola Aries
(Website launched on this day, Friday, November 17, 2006)

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