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Here, Ajibola Aries explains issues pertaining to this website.
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What is your website really about?
When I began operating this website, I was faced with three options: to specialise in a field, or to diversify, or to 'generalise'. I chose the middle course, which is to diversify, which means going into as many aspects or fields as possible. I did not specialise for the simple reason that I was not then a professional or expert in any field, and 'generalising' on the other hand would have presumed that all things would feature on my site. My website policy shows that while I aim to embrace as many legitimate interests as possible on my website, there are certain things I won't embrace- I am of necessity selective. As a result of this, it is improper to say my website is about a particular thing - it is about many things.

Who are your target audience?
It is very clear from the variety of the features on my site that I aim to catch the attention and win the patronage of as many people as possible. My website seeks not to discriminate against any legitimate interest(s). People who are broadminded will generally find my website interesting, but my website may not be the best prescription for narrowminded elements, radicals and extremists.

You have apparently payed a lot of attention to the Cash Arena section of your site. Does it mean that your website is becoming more commercial in outlook?
The answer to this is a categorical no. In fact, the Cash Arena page, including its sub-pages, put together, constitutes less than 8.4% of the total space of Ajibola Aries website. Ajibola Aries website is definitely NOT a commercial website; it only has  a commercial  segment which is the Cash Arena page and sub-pages.

Does the Personal Info page not give an impression that Ajibola Aries website is more or less about your person?.
That of course, is a wrong impression. If it gives such an impression, then it would have been an unintended consequence of a website owner’s rightful effort to express himself in a free society. It needs to be noted that the Personal Info page is the oldest page on Ajibola Aries website. Way back in 2006 when I first came online with this website, I was originally motivated by the desire to express myself on the Internet and so for quite a long time at the beginning, I dwelt extensively on the Personal Info page. It was over time that other ideas, such as ideas inspired by my liberal, welfarist and humanistic outlook began to influence the direction of my website activities. By that time I have gone quite far in my details on the Personal Info page. And, very importantly, I came to realise that as time goes on I will begin to do certain things on my website (such as the commerce oriented CASH ARENA) whose success will depend on how much confidence visitors have in me. The logic is this: if you want people to have confidence in your integrity, it will help if you are not faceless. Give some information about yourself; remove the anonymity if you know you have no skeleton to hide.

How often is this website edited?
Officially, there has never been particular scheduled times. Ideally, it shall be on daily basis.

Why is your website not ranked on Alexa?
This web site operates as a sub-domain and so it is the parent website that is ranked on Alexa. The same thing goes with other websites that are in the same category as Ajibola Aries website. This has nothing to do with the quality of this website. And if/when we get a ranking on Alexa or anywhere else, no matter the level of our ranking, I wouldn't expect it to be used to judge Ajibola Aries website because I am at present much more focused on background works to improve this website rather than on achieving publicity for it. My principle is: first pack your website with interesting features; then acheive integrity; when you have done that successfully, people will appreciate your website, note it down and keep coming back to it. And truly, I have already been getting lots of commendations.
Once upon a time, precisely in the first three years of this website, this website could not be searched and found on Yahoo and Google, but today, the pages of this website are indexed by Yahoo, Google and practically all other popular search engines.

Why do you use free email service address for your website?
For the same reason as stated above: this is a sub-domain website which I started many years ago when I was a student; when I was attracted to the host service provider of this website basically because of their free service. The implication of accepting to use the host service means a few limitations such as the user not being able to use a custom domain address. Hence my use of yahoo email for this website which I am basically contented with. And I retain this service till present times because of the emergence of other compelling reasons to do so. For example, my host service provider is very friendly and efficient; the controls and editors in the background are very user-friendly and this website continues to get more recognision on search engines.
I would like to add that the fact that I have been running and administering other websites, which are independent domains and fully paid-for websites, is a proof that I have what it takes to put websites on the internet without the assistance of free service.

What are the benefits of membership?
I am proud to say that, at a glance, one observation a visitor will make about my website is that whoever is behind it has something to offer. You become more convinced on this when you see pages such as Mission Statement, Website Policy, Cash Arena, Cash Arena-Tutorial, Ajibola Aries Vision, etc. Thus, I don’t deal in trivialties and I have a direction. I have an ideology. This is a project.
Members (that is, those who register) will be able to participate in The Forum, some will have the priviledge to become Moderators when the site kicks off fully, members will be receiving periodic newsletters about developments on Ajibola Aries website, members will also periodically receive crucial and useful information about relevant issues also in the form of newsletters, members who chose to place adverts on this website will be allowed to do so at a substantially cheaper rate, members will have the right to place unlimited website links on this site absolutely free, etc etc. And as the site develops, other facilities will come on board which members will find interesting.

How can I be a member of this website?.

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