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                        WEBSITE POLICY

The Liberal and Variety Website is primarily for those who love to read. If you are not a lover of letters or epistles, then this website is probably not the right place for you.

Expressions and presentations on this website are going to take both informal and formal forms.
Informal expressions and presentations are basically information about the site owner and other things personal to him since the site owner is naturally entitled to personal expressions through his own medium.
This is also meant to be a bold departure from the almost common culture whereby website owners conceal their true identity, hide behind the anonymity of the Internet or avoid giving substantial information about themselves.
Ajibola Aries has set up this website with absolutely no fear of his person being identified with the causes, personal philosophies and worldviews that he stands for, and with absolute readiness and enthusiasm to accept responsibility for the web site and explain or defend what he expresses on this website.
While Ajibola Aries is primarily a private individual, Ajibola Aries is certainly not a person that is lying low as he has no skeleton(s) to hide. And in any case embarking on this type of project will certainly be out of the question for a person who has to lie low for any reason.
  Therefore, the personal information expressed under the aspect of the informal expressions of this website are meant for those who may have interest in the person of the owner of this website for whatever reason(s) as long as the said quest for information is legitimate. This transparency is also meant to earn the trust of those who are members, affiliates or customers of this website and ARIES DYNAMICS businesses, as they have the confidence that they know who they are dealing with. This aspect of information shall constitute less than 10% of the total web content and will, for the most parts, be confined to pages under Personal Info.

On the other hand, the aspect of formal expressions has to do with the spaces that might be reserved on this website through which other people - members of the wider society generally, are given the opportunity to express themselves as well as to be informed.
While opportunity exists on The Liberal and Variety Website for other people to express themselves, such opportunity is an exception to the rule of 90% original content and as such the website owner is not bound to invite other people to make inputs. It is entirely up to other people to decide whether or not to make contributions to The Liberal and Variety Website.
There are rules that govern formal expressions on this website.
First is the fact that, subject to the rule of 90% original content, this website is open to virtually all shades of opinions. This rule is however also limited by the fact that this website will not be a platform for the expression(s) of extreme and malicious opinions. 
Also, very importantly, The Liberal and Variety Website is NOT a religious website and will never be. Contributions that promote any particular religion WILL NOT be accepted. The same thing goes with contributions that are antagonistic to any religion.
Neither shall this website be a platform for the expression(s) of views that are anti-religion. We reserve the right to reject presentations to the extent to which, in our wisdom, they have not conformed to the policy of this website.
Presentions that are expressly immoral or which encourage hate, violence or crime, or which aim to incite opinion(s) against the government and the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or encourage any kind of centrifugal tendencies, all fall within the category of contents to be edited or rejected in proportion to their non-compliance to the rules and regulations of The Liberal and Variety Website.
The Liberal and Variety Website will not in any way aid or abet the expressions or cause(s) of any person(s) or group(s) or movement(s) or ideology(ies) or state(s) that is hostile to the government or the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or which makes any effort(s) to dispute or challenge the sovereignty of the Nigerian state.
The same goes for illustrations that are disturbing. Ajibola Aries website will never feature any picture(s) or illustration(s) that is gory or obscene, neither will it entertain any of the two extremes of permissiveness or radicalism.
The Liberal and Variety Website will NOT associate with or show sympathy for, or aid and abet any form of religious fundamentalism, neither will we adopt any posture that could give people the cause to perceive us to be doing so.
The Liberal and Variety Website will not be a platform for the promotion of any religion. 
One of the major drives or philosophies behind The Liberal and Variety Website is the expression of the liberal mindset and personal world view of Ajibola Aries. It should therefore be noted that the limit to the tolerance of this website is that The Liberal and Variety Website WILL NOT accept contributions that antagonise or contradict whatever this website promotes. This should be noted by those who want to make contributions. Please take a careful note of the spirit behind The Liberal and Variety Website and the personality of its owner (who is in turn subject to the TOS and rules of the website host) before you make contribution(s).

The language of this website is English and the standard English expression is Queen's English. Expressions in American and Carribean English are also acceptable in as much as there is minimal grammatical errors.
We reserve the right to edit wrong use(s) of English.
The administration of this web site has no plan to translate this web site into any other language, neither does it have any plan to set up a duplicate of this web site in any other language.
At least 90% of the content of this website shall be original to the owner of the site. However, those who wish to write for this website, who do not want their names published shall submit pen names or otherwise be categorised as External Sources and their submissions may be classified as REPORT(S). Unlike other contributors to this site, their inputs shall be subject to modification.
 Considerable portions of this website services will be free but modest charges shall be effective as time goes on with some aspects of features on this site but these will still constitute the lesser portion. For example, adverts services will be payed services, just as certain categories of Profiles and Events. There may also be rentage of whole pages for advert purposes.
It needs to be emphasised that this website is for the most part a non-profit making venture.
Ajibola Aries website is NOT a news website and is not bound to feature the most updated version(s) of reported incidents at any particular time.
The prominent picture with brief explanation(s) or commentary, which appears on the Home Page of this website, is called the Front Burner of this site. The term 'Front Burner' is adopted basically for the purpose of this website. The Front Burner changes from time to time, to reflect certain recent events at local or international level, but the Front Burner shall not be taken as a substitute for the news. The Front Burner shall not feature any information or news that is personal to Ajibola Aries.
There is no fixed duration for any Front Burner at any point in time.     
Some pages on this website will appear consistently while the appearance of some others will depend on changing situations. Pages such as Personal Info, Contact, Home will consistently appear while Events, Adverts, etc may not consistently appear. For example, Events will only appear when there is an important occasion to be announced or discussed.
New pages and sub-pages will emerge as time goes on, depending on demands and changing situations.
Visitors to this website have the opportunity to exercise some degree of influence over the contents of this website as they can reach out to make suggestions and make their own inputs.
 Another important policy of this website is that what will ultimately determine the content of this website will, in the long run, be determined by visitors' responses. For example, if particular categories of visitors show greater interest in this website, the content will accordingly be tailored to suit the tastes and interests of members of such categories more than those who show less interest. This is in line with the intention to retain visitors who have shown interest in this site. Priority shall be given to the taste of those who show greater interest.
 With regards to affiliation with, and links to, other websites, this website has a policy of affiliating with, and/or establishing links to:
1. websites that create and maintain reciprocal links to this website 
2. websites whose owner(s) and/or staff have authorized this website to use their works/features
3. websites that place paid adverts that contain links to this website
4. websites whose banners appear on this website as referral or affiliate links
The implication of this is that external links will be sparingly used on this website. 
No form of spamming will be tolerated on this website. Posters of spam messages will have their accounts either suspended or cancelled or in minor cases, the specific spam content removed.

Content(s) of this Website Policy is/are subject to change(s) without prior notice to members and visitors.

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