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Ajibola Aries on 11/13/2018 at 11:52am (UTC)
 All is now set for the listing of Encocoin on Mercatox exchange. Payment for the listing has now been completed. Encocoin users are advised to sign up on Mercatox website preparatory to the listing in order to familiarise themselves with how the site works. Users should leave their Encocoin wallets open to synchronise with the network to ensure that their coins stake profitably. The more you stake your coins the more the coins you will be able to exchange to your desired currencies.
Also, please secure your Encocoin wallets properly. Users can optionally sign up on Mercatox through this Admin referral link:

ADMIN on 09/16/2018 at 9:48pm (UTC)
 Today 16.09.2018, Encocoin XNK global auction campaign begins another round of highly discounted rates to enable those who want to start good staking ahead of listing to buy XNK cheaply through this exercise.
You can also refer people and earn 5f whatever Encocoin value purchases made. Here is the link to the auction form:

This auction, apart from making bulk Encocoin more easily available to members, would also help the community in progressing rapidly with the project timelines.
This is a good opportunity for those who have been clamouring for a much easier and cheaper way to acquire Encocoin XNK.

ADMIN on 09/14/2018 at 3:29pm (UTC)
 We wish to announce to you that Encocoin (XNK) is now on Bitcointalk. Please view and join discussions on this great coin through this link:

ADMIN on 09/09/2018 at 3:21pm (UTC)
 This time around, Encocoin is working in conjunction with Cryptonite, the Asian partners of the company to do a bigger Air drops campaign.
This larger scale, official free Encocoin and Cryptonite airdrops campaign has now kicked off today. This is a very good opportunity for everyone to acquire XNK and Cryptonite without spending a dime. Please visit the page to acquire yours now:

ADMIN on 08/26/2018 at 10:03am (UTC)
 Beginning from August 24, 2018, Encocoin Air drops became available to prospective Encocoin users world wide. For beginners, coin air drops mean tokens of a coin given free of charge to people for doing simple tasks. The market value of such coin usually increases after full adoption; hence anyone who receives such air drops would be in profit. There is everything to gain, and nothing to lose, in getting air drops.
To get your own Encocoin air drops, please visit (or copy the link and paste in your browser):

Ajibola Aries on 08/21/2018 at 11:51am (UTC)
 Due to the fork of NKN by the Asian partners of the Encocoin Team from the main chain of the network and the change of algorithm of Encocoin, the currency symbol of Encocoin has been changed from NKN to XNK.
The erstwhile NKN was the Encocoin in the old Proof of work sha256 blockchain. Also, due to the Encocoin Foundation's alignment and subscription to the United Nations Climate action and Green energy protocol, a chain change had to take place from Proof of work sha256 (which consumes so much bandwidth, computational power and mining energy) to a completely energy-friendly Proof of Work/Proof of Stake Scrypt based algorithm. The two chains are not compatible. Also, just as said earlier, a partner team forked the POW NKN chain to cut off the rest of the block, leading to an unacceptable stuck at 1000 blocks for the rest of the community. The new fork refused to accept the old POW NKN conversion to its new NKN algorithm. So, a chain change from NKN to XNK had to be carried out to accommodate converts from NKN to the new XNK.
Encocoin will now be using XNK and the Encocoin symbol/logo remains unchanged.


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