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  Why I adopted AJIBOLA ARIES

Why I adopted the name, AJIBOLA  ARIES

A number of people have asked me questions concerning the rational behind the name, AJIBOLA ARIES, which is gradually taking some precedence in many of my circles over the original name by which I was known. 
There is, of course, no dispute about AJIBOLA, which is my surname. There is also no dispute about my use of Jibson, which is definitely derived from aJIBola'sSON. But what about the addition of ARIES after Ajibola?

 My adoption of ARIES could be explained first by the fact that, being born on April 8, I am a member of the ARIES zodiac sign. By implication, the adoption of ARIES is also a reflection of my strong belief in Astrology.

 However, my justification is stronger than this. When I was born on April 8, I was not given a name for seven long days, during which the only name that could be associated with me, if any, was AJIBOLA, which itself is my surname and NOT MY OWN PERSONAL NAME. So, during these first seven days of my life I had no personal name, but I was already one thing -AN ARIES, which I became right from my first breath on the day I was born (the eighth day of April). Thus, since in my civilization people normally name their babies seven or eight days after birth, I was already an ARIES before I was given the name, LUQMAN or OLAGOKE, or any other names given to me later.

ARIES is thus my primary personality identity. 
Its characteristics define my personality, my potentials and my destiny. It is WHO I REALLY AM; WHAT I REALLY AM. I can change my names tomorrow but I can never change or drop ARIES, my zodiac sign. There is nothing me or anybody can do to undo the fact that I was born on April 8 - which naturally made me an ARIES. NOBODY IN HISTORY HAS EVER CHANGED HIS ZODIAC SIGN BUT PEOPLE DO CHANGE NAMES EVERYDAY. The fact that I was born on April 8 can never be undone; it is a fait accompli. So, my personality as an Aries is more original and more permanent than my personality as LUQMAN or OLAGOKE.

 I have not been using AJIBOLA ARIES in my official documents but I have made efforts gradually to popularise it on the internet, first, by accepting it from those who use it as my nickname and then also by increasing the rate at which I identify with it in many other circles and forums. 
 AJIBOLA ARIES is also  symbolic of the entire online dimension of my  personality; it is the major name by which I have chosen to be known online; thus, I consider the name to loom larger than my physical  being. Practically, it has now become for me, more of a name than a nickname.

 This does not, however imply that I have abandoned what has been my original, traditional name(s). The fact that you appear to hide something does not necessarily mean that you deny it.





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