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  The Encocoin Revolution

                       THE ENCOCOIN REVOLUTION 


                     by Ajibola Aries

Encocoin is a digital currency; that is, it is a form of money in the non-physical form as it is an effective store of value and can effectively perform all the functions of money both in the private lives of individuals and in the wider financial world. It is a digital currency designed to facilitate the instant, efficient and secure transfer of goods and services both locally and across borders without the disadvantages inherent in traditional banking systems, and without the interference of governments.

Encocoin XNK is an X11 algorithm masternode eco-friendly cryptocurrency.  The basic concept behind Encocoin XNK is to join efforts with other related cryptocurrency groups in discouraging negative developments in the energy-consuming proof-of-work ASIC mining coins, with the ultimate goal of ensuring and promoting a financial world whose activities are powered in ways and with means that are at complete equilibrium with nature.     

With Encocoin masternode, you are literally your own bank in full possession and control of your funds. Your money does not just stay in your wallet, but you watch it grow on daily basis, with the consistent inflow of your masternode rewards.

Internet data consumption/requirement is negligible and your computer resources is virtually not employed in minting new coins, but your store of wealth via your masternode does all the work.   No elaborate computer hardware is required to make income with Encocoin. No special computer knowledge or expertise is required.  The difficulty readjustment is not so pacy as to make new coins generation harder. Everything is dependent on the operation of your masternode(s).

 Encocoin transfers are processed and alerts received in an instant and spendable after 6- network validations. Transactions are completely transparent and the progress could be monitored in real time through the block explorer of the Encocoin network via: 

Encocoin could be converted to major fiat currencies and other popular digital currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash etc.

Encocoin XNK was designed with an in-built mechanism to have a strong propensity to appreciate in value. Therefore, when you are receiving your Encocoin masternode rewards in your wallet, you enjoy the dual advantages of seeing your money increase both in physical quantity – as a result of your wallet staking via your masternode, and in market value – as a result of Encocoin’s typically appreciative nature. Consequently, a typical holder of Encocoin XNK experiences only a win-win situation as a proud holder of Encocoin.

With Encocoin XNK you are guaranteed 65% return on investment per annum on every funds held in your wallet.  Your control over your funds is truly absolute.  Anyone with a PC could join and start earning with Encocoin.

Encocoin XNK, a product of the Encocoin Foundation, is set to become a crucial player, not only in the cryptocurrency world, but also in other critical sectors of the world economy such as oil and gas. The brains behind Encocoin are currently developing and implementing a system of payment in the oil and gas industry with the use of Encocoin digital currency and instruments via hardcoded escrow. In this connection, Encocoin shall be exchangeable globally into any bank account in the local currency instantly through peer-to-peer trading/exchange or through the Encocoin vault services.

From the oil and gas industry, Encocoin would be making inroads into the real estates, agriculture and other industries by extending its services to these other crucial sectors. With Encocoin, businesses all over the world will be able to source for liquidity through peer to peer equity escrow participation. Encocoin is all-inclusive as anyone anywhere can join the bulk trading using their XNK resources to effect the consummation of advertised delivery request on the XNK network. All these would be done via the secure escrow platform.

To become a long term success, the Encocoin management had studied the upsides and downsides of established players in the cryptocurrency world such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum etc and has committed itself to ensuring that Encocoin has as many as possible of the strengths of these established currencies, while, on the other hand, eliminate as many as possible of the weaknesses of these coins. With this, it is hoped that in the long run, Encocoin would be a coin that is known to have the strengths but NOT the weaknesses of these already-established currencies. For this reason, Encocoin would continue to evolve positively.

Due to the fundamentally planet-friendly ideology behind its creation in the first place, Encocoin is resolute in its drive to ultimately become the cryptocurrency that supports communities that are distressed by the adverse effects of different forms of environmental degradation, by directly deploying its resources to mitigate the hardship of such communities, as well as giving support to cleaner and safer earth advocacy groups. Encocoin XNK is therefore, not just a cryptocurrency that has added a much needed flavour to the financial world; Encocoin is a global project that aims to protect the core existential interests and values of humanity.

For this reason, Encocoin is a global movement that concerns everyone who has interest, not only in financial and economic emancipation, but also in the very survival and healthy preservation of the world’s natural geographical compositions as well as the fauna and flora that ensures the ecological balance of planet Earth.

Encocoin is already listed for active trading/exchange on
Arrangements are already in top gear for Encocoin XNK to be listed on other reputable exchanges such as Binance, Mercatox, Poloniex, StockExchange, Cryptobridge, BiteXlive, etc

Furthermore, the project also has other integrations in process such as:

(1         (1) The Escrow integration.

(           (2) The mobile/Webwallet launch.

        (3) The masternode integration.

        (4) The debit/credit card integration.

        (5) The Encocoin Payment Guarantee (EPG)

Becoming a holder and user of Encocoin will become an expression of your support for this great revolutionary movement for humanity. And to do this is very simple.
With a computer and an internet connection, you can open your own Encocoin wallet within a few minutes, by clicking on the direct wallet download link HERE.

The configuration details for your Encocoin wallet would be found on

Full details on the vision of the Encocoin project would be found in the ENCOCOIN WHITEPAPER.


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