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  ProfitClicking Scam Warning


Investment into Profitclicking is no longer advisable.
This warning is coming on the heels of widespread complaints of non-payments by all investors contacted on this matter. We have not come across any PC investor who has reported being actually paid by ProfitClicking. Rather, PC has been paying only monitors, which is a suspicious trend associated with the history of scams. Hyips, including PTCs, that are on the verge of scamming have an established tradition whereby they keep paying only monitors (while actually not paying investors) in order to mislead existing and potential investors into making deposits with the belief that individual investors will also be paid.
Meanwhile, PC was sending newsletters to investors in which investors were inundated with all kinds news of improvements and innovations in PC. While it appears as if new changes are taking place on PC website, in practical terms nothing has been done about the crucial aspect of withdrawals. The Admin of PC has been clearly deceiving people by making false claims to payments in their newsletters and thereby playing with people's intelligence. It has now gotten to a stage where these claims of 'improvements' are becoming quite irritating. For example, one of the earlier newsletters (dated January 15, 2013) was entitled, 'WE'RE PAYING OUR MEMBERS WAY TOO MUCH! , when the word 'Paying' in that newsletter really meant the mere increasing figures inside the Dashboards of PC members; figures that never translate to real withdrawable money for members because it just keeps increasing without members ever being able to actually withdraw it! We all know that when the word 'PAYING' or 'PAY' is mentioned in the HYIP world, it is supposed to mean actual withdrawal of funds from the site into payment processor accounts of members. In the HYIP world, when we talk about whether a site is paying, we actually mean whether withdrawals can actually be successfully processed! PC Admin cannot be smart enough to pretend as if he doesn't know this! The reality that is now dawning on participants of ProfitClicking is that the increasing figures in the Dashboard of PC members is just numbers; just virtual money which they will most likely never be able to withdraw. We now have reasons to believe that the Admin of PC has been cleverly avoiding tackling the issue of withdrawals but has instead been giving people misleading information which in effect has been making PC investors to have false hope and to keep waiting indefinitely.
Long ago, almost from the inception of PC the deposit functions of the site have been functional yet the withdrawal function has never worked for investors. Along the line PC did a 3% daily earnings promotion with an emphasis on encouraging investors to buy ad packs with NEW FUNDS. Out of all those who participated in the 3% promotion by depositing new funds in to PC, can anyone boast of having actually withdrawn anything from their participation in the promo?
When viewed closely, we observe a pattern whereby Profitclicking has been encouraging investors to be bringing in new funds into the programme while deliberately ensuring that money does not actually get into the real accounts of its investors. Payments, simply defined as actual, successful withdrawal of money by investors into their payment processor(s) accounts, is what makes an online income programme a real and viable investment. If a programme is not paying its members then that defeats the entire purpose of the programme.
The fact is that ProfitClicking is NOT PAYING and people have to be warned at this point. Neither the bucket nor the queue system really work. The so-called bucket is always full and even if, as PC admin claims, it is sometimes open at brief, unpredictable periods, then is it not questionable that the admin deliberately allows the system to keep working in such a way that prevents almost everybody from withdrawing their profits? As for the so-called Queue system, that is also nothing to write home about. People's withdrawal requests have been in queue for several months now (where other programmes are processing payments daily) and PC keep telling people to keep waiting and that the withdrawal system is still in 'Beta' stage.
The Green Light system, which PC recently announced, is yet another deception, because people have since found out that just like the Bucket and the Queue systems, it DOES NOT work, because the so-called Green Light is almost never on and if by any 'luck' you find it on and you try to withdraw money, the system will still tell you that the 'daily withdrawal limit has been reached' or that the website is 'under maintenance' . Personally, I have NEVER for once seen the so-called Green Light being on - despite the fact that I work almost 24 hours on the Internet and I check so often. Funny enough, even with the rare Green Light if you try to make a withdrawal at just one minute past 12 a.m., the system will still tell you that the 'daily withdrawal limit has been reached'! Therefore, the odds are that each time you check for the so-called Green Light, you will see it in red. Thus, now, I believe that the statistics under the Green Light History are either false (to deceive people into believing that the Green Light had been on at a time) or the Green Light was actually on at a time but the duration was so short that it didn't give any chance for the vast majority of members to do anything. Still, remember what I said earlier: even if by any luck you find the so-called Green Light on and you try to withdraw, the system will still tell you that 'Daily withdrawal limit has been reached or that website is 'under maintenance'.
The conclusion I have made from this is that even if it is true that the Green Light comes on on some rare, short occasions, this is a very clever way of ensuring selective payments.  Meanwhile, the deposit functions of the site, which ensures that PC receives deposits from people, is not in 'Beta' stage or 'under maintenance' and is working! Who is fooling who?
As can be seen from the above, the status of ALL the payment processors are in Red, meaning that you can not withdraw money. This is what you will see in 99% of the time if you try to make withdrawal.

 And if by a very rare chance you find any one of the payment processors in Green and you try to make withdrawal, this is what will appear on your screen. Of course you can't choose a different payment processor since all the others willl most likely be in Red, or will display the same 'daily limit reached' message if you try to make withdrawal! Of course, the 'older, slower withdrawal system' is out of question since it will only hold your money indefinitely - without paying in the end.

What is even more suspicious is the fact that PC has been suppressing dissenting opinions and criticisms on their Facebook fan page. If you complain, you get banned or the admin deletes your post. On the fan page people are often warned by PC that 'only positive comments should be made', that if people post complaints especially about non-payment, their post will be either deleted or such complainants be totally banned. And PC has actually been carrying out these threats by deleting the posts of critics and banning them from the page. So, the only thing you now see on ProfitClicking Facebook fan page are sweet comments made by cheerleaders who themselves know that if they must make any comment there, it must be only sweet comments.
Why has PC been banning members from their Facebook page and deleting the posts of critics, instead of tackling the arguments and complaints of critics and debunking those allegations? We all know that suppressing criticisms and silencing opposition is a quick, convenient way of preventing the truth from being known. PC's action of retaining only sweet comments on its Facebook page may just be one of its tactics of deceiving people into believing that things are well with the program. The situation is pathetic because it poses a danger to prospective investors who have not been warned about the antics of ProfitClicking.
Recently, some have advanced the silly argument that it is those who use the Basic Ad pack system that are not being payed. This argument is dead on arrival simply because those who purchased Basic Ad packs did so with their own money and there was never any prior notification that if anyone purchases Basic Ad packs, there would be no payment. Hence this is very much like a breach of contract. In fact, the so-called Premium Ad pack (which they claimed is paying) was a creation of ProfitClicking, and from what we have seen so far, it was devised to effectively cut off the vast majority of members with a view of denying them payment. If you argue that ProfitClicking is paying Premium Ad packs members while acknowledging that it is not paying Basic Ad pack members, you are indirectly admitting the fact that ProfitClicking is doing SELECTIVE
The Premium Ad pack itself is suspicious, as it requires people to make purchases with new money from their payment processors rather than the money already earned in their Profitclicking accounts! Remember that during the 3% per ad pack bonus, Profitclicking was also emphatic that it was only those who purchased ad packs with new money that would be eligible to earn up to 3%. Why the emphasis on NEW MONEY and why has all the money previously earned by owners of Basic Ad Packs suddenly become useless as they can't withdraw it or use it to buy Premium Ad packs?
While we have stopped short of pronouncing ProfitClicking as a scam, we affirm that it has the real potential to eventually become one. We believe that with it's gradual and very systematic methods of unfolding whatever agenda it has, the odds are that PC will turn out to be the biggest and most elaborate scam in the HYIP industry.
For those who are still investing money into PC, we can almost assure you that it's a one-way journey for your money and that your money may never come out again. PC makes it very easy for you to deposit money but you meet a very strong brickwall when you try to withdraw. As long as PC keeps receiving deposits without paying, it will continue to look suspicious because historically this is how online scams begin.
PC has already been categorised as SCAM by M.N.O. (Money-News-Online) and as NOT PAYING by a number of other monitors and in addition, it is not monitored by Goldpoll. It is well known that Goldpoll is the leading monitor in the HYIP world. If a HYIP programme is not represented on Goldpoll, either because Goldpoll refrained from listing it or because the admin of the programme refrained from getting listed on Goldpoll, we think there's something very suspicious about that. Perhaps PC has avoided Goldpoll because it is well aware that if it's been monitored by Goldpoll, by now its Goldpoll ratings page would have been full of verified complaints from aggrieved investors. Worse still, our investigation shows that large numbers of monitors that give PC a PAYING status, when viewed closely, shows 'NO PAYOUT' under their 'Last Payout' indicators!
It is on the basis of all the foregoing that we have issued this scam warning on ProfitClicking. Accordingly, we have stopped promoting PC on this site and elsewhere because promoting such a suspicious programme at this point will amount to disservice to the numerous people who flock to this site for vital, updated information on HYIPs. Be careful with your had-earned money if your money matters to you and if you have better projects to invest your money into. Or, if you are the type who still have some faith in ProfitClicking, you are advised to keep your money safely somewhere for now until the site begins to actually pay real money into the Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, Payza, Egopay, Bank Wire etc accounts of its members.
We will be happy if PC actually starts processing withdrawals and we are proven wrong. But as present realities stand, there's no reason why we should claim that ProfitClicking is paying when it is actually not paying.
Just as it eventually turned out (perfectly in line with our forecast), Profit Clicking eventually collapsed and became the scam that it has always been suspected. However, the dishonest, faceless Admin(s) of Profit Clicking, who, (unlike most other Admins of online scams) is reputed to be very skilled in the use of fine English grammar to lie to people and be giving them false hope, has already put in place two new programs in order to continue scamming people. These new programs are called  Click Paid and Adclickxpress (
This is to warn all persons against involvement in both Click Paid and Adclickxpress because the people behind both are the same brains behind the fraudulent Profit Clicking. In this write-up, our emphasis is going to be more on Adclickxpress. 
Just as people were told to migrate from JBP to ProfitClicking only to get scammed, people are now told to migrate again from ProfitClicking to AdClickXpress.
Again, just as everything was done to trick and coerce people to deposit new money from their payment processors into ProfitClicking in order to be paid, the former participants (investors) in Profit Clicking are now being told that they have to use new money from their payment processors in order to start earning in Adclickxpress!
This is despite the fact that most of these people have earnings within Profit Clicking; now those earnings are useless. For example, my direct client had accumulated earnings of $318.92 in ProfitClicking (which are still reflecting within his newly migrated account of Adclickxpress) but now in Adclickxpress, he is being told that he can neither withdraw it nor use it to buy Ad packages and that the ONLY money he can use to participate in the new program is new money paid from his payment processor!!!
ProfitClicking is now using the collapse of Liberty Reserve as an excuse for not having payed members' money; but were they even paying members before the collapse of Liberty Reserve? If anything, the best they could do at that time was to deny payments to the vast majority and then be doing selective payments to a numerically insignificant few! Do you remember that before the collapse of ProfitClicking I remarked that the money inside your ProfitClicking account are mere numbers which can never be withdrawn or used for anything?
Now, let me hit the nail on the head: ADCLICKXPRESS IS THE CONTINUATION OF PROFITCLICKING SCAM! And, just as I warned about Profit Clicking, now, I am also warning you about AdClickXpress.
So, how often, how far and for how long are you going to allow yourself to be deceived and scammed? It is up to you!

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