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Our website stats and feedbacks from visitors show that not only is our Cash Arena page the most visited page on this website, more and more people reckon with the investment program monitor service we offer on the main Cash Arena page.
For this reason, we now have to contend with the fact that our Investment Catalogue page is in effect now performing the most important function of a monitor despite the fact that it was originally not meant to be so.

As a result of this development, we find it imperative to enlighten visitors on our monitor rules as well as the principles behind our monitor service:

1.  We are not out to gain recognition as a monitor; but in practical terms we strive to show sincerity and accuracy in whatever information we display.

2.  Programs that are listed on our Cash Arena page are mostly programs into which we have put our own money into. A few others are banners which contain the referral links of our clients which are paid services. In theory, our clients owe us the duty to keep us abreast of developments in the programs they list on our site. In practice, it is our duty to monitor ALL programs listed on our site. WE ARE NOT PAID BY ANY PROGRAM ADMIN TO DISPLAY ANY PROGRAM on this site.

3.  All programs on our site are monitored daily, and the frequency with which they are monitored corresponds with the date reflected on the Home Page of this website. Therefore, always keep an eye on the date display on this site, which is normally updated manually.

4.  We use diverse ways to monitor programs. The most important method, however, is to use the fact or otherwise of payment as a criterion for judging the performance of a program. In order to ensure the effectiveness of this method, as a rule we make withdrawals EVERYDAY in all listed programs (except where the nature of a program does not make daily withdrawals possible). We also keep daily watch on the most popular monitors, forums and polls. Also, very importantly, we use an inbuilt software that detects programs that have defaulted. If we say that a program is paying, it simply means that it is paying. There’s no use in displaying non-paying program(s) as ‘paying’.

5.  Be aware of the distinction between programs in our Investment Catalogue and those that are pure adverts. The programs in our Investment Catalogue are distinguished by the fact that their facts and figures (stats) are stated under their banners while the pure adverts appear under ADVERTISEMENT(S) and their facts and figures (stats) are not stated. Adverts may also appear in other places, with the same characteristics.

6.  Programs listed under Investment Catalogue are generally better monitored, and therefore more up-to-date, than adverts.

7.  We do not own any listed or advertised program neither are we affiliated to any.

8.  Any investor who chooses to invest in any of the listed programs is advised to use his/her own discretion: he/she should know that he/she is doing so at his or her own risk. We don’t share in whatever gains he/she makes through such investment(s) neither do we take responsibility for whatever loses he/she may incur through such investment(s).

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