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More than 50% of our online earnings come from the Referral or Affiliate commissions of those programs listed on the Cash Arena and other pages of this website. The result is that over time we have had to invest less in those programs because we are confident that our referral commissions earnings will make up for it.

The simple secret behind this income is that the Cash Arena page of this website attracts lots of visitors everyday; with several thousand hits recorded by that page alone. Many of these visitors will click on the banners with our referral or affiliate links, register and invest and then the referral commission comes to us.

 We now have an arrangement to make this benefit also available to you: WE WILL HELP YOU PROMOTE YOUR AFFILIATE/REFERAL LINKS FOR ANY BUSINESS ON THIS WEBSITE, FOR A SMALL FEE!

For years, Ajibola Aries website has helped people promote their affiliate/referal links, enabling them to earn lots of passive income without going through the trouble of looking for ways to promote their affiliate/referral links.

Using this website to promote your affiliate links, the benefits that will accrue to you far outnumber what accrues to us: while your affiliates remain permanently under you, our own gain is limited only to the small fee we receive only once from you. For example, the owner of the Bigextracash advert on this website has reported several dozens of referrals who have signed up under him through Ajibola Aries website, and the money he keeps earning through this influx of referrals already surpasses what he paid to place the advert on this site.


(1)   Send your affiliate/referral link with an attachment of your banner to:  You shall clearly state how long you want us to display your banner and affiliate/referral link, and on what page(s) you want it displayed. This is what will determine the price.

(2)   Once received, we will send you an acknowledgement email that we have received your email. This acknowledgement email will clearly inform you of the exact date that your link will appear on this website, including information on how you will pay.

(3)   You will make your payment a day before the day we promise to start displaying your banner and affiliate/referral link.

(4)   Once we have displayed your banner and affiliate or referral link, you will receive an email notification same day. The duration for your advert begins to count from same day.

(5)   Banners are displayed on weekly and monthly duration basis. The minimum duration for a banner display is 1 week (7 calender days) and the maximum is 12 months. To have an idea of how much you will pay, you shall calculate it by how many weeks you want your referral link and banner displayed.

i.                     A banner/referral/affiliate link display is $8 per week for displays on the Cash Arena page;

ii.                   A banner/referral/affiliate link display is $15 per week for displays on the Home Page

iii.                  A banner/referral/affiliate link display is $25 per week for display on the Advertisement column (IF YOU DISPLAY YOUR BANNER OR ADVERTISEMENT HERE, IT WILL APPEAR ON ALL PAGES).

International clients only shall have the option to pay by Western Union, apart from E-currencies.
Nigerians shall pay in the local currency equivalent of Perfectmoney, Solid Trust Pay and Egopay. Our rate for all E-currencies is currently fixed at a uniform #180/$1. This is also our selling rates for all E-currencies.

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