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  Ajibola Aries Contemplates Adding Literature Works To Website.


   Since his younger years Ajibola has always been aware of an inborn literary talent he has. Thus, over the years reading and writing have been among his major preoccupations.
In the process he has been able to write many valuable and interesting manuscripts and has contributed to many websites before setting up his own. Among his literature works are The Poet and The Critic, Season of Poems, The Philosophies of A Restless Mind, The Authentic Account (Part 1, 2 and 3), The Book of Nations etc.
Ajibola Aries was also the person who inspired his elder sister, Mrs Mojisola Bakare, author of The Lagosian Woman
, to venture into poetry writing.
 It may interest people to know that giving his poety works some publicity, especially the ones embodied in The Poet and The Critic, was one of the inspirations behind this website. Yet when this website became ready for the world to see, he stumbled upon a problem he did not seriously envisage before: none of his many literature works, apart from At The Cross Roads and The Dark Order (whose hard copies are still in early stages), has been published in hardcover and so advisers warned him of the dangers of  his works being pirated and plagiarised. 
Thus, this put a break on his plans to publish his poetries on this website. 
 However, in recent times some individuals have been trying to persuade him to post some of them online, as they argue that there are some ways to establish his ownership of these works in future. This debate is still ongoing.
 However, there seems to be some consensus that the analysis he has written on these poems may be posted without the main body of the poems.
 He is considering these proposals and working daily on those analyses

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