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  The How and Why of Aries Dynamics

            The How And Why of Aries Dynamics
                                                by Ajibola Aries

Towards the end of my university education, my strong intuition and foresight influenced me to begin to fear that after completing my course, one thing or the other could come up to prevent me from getting a paid employment in a timely manner. Moreover, the memories of the long years I spent at home during the time I was hustling to join the armed forces in the aftermath of my secondary school days, were still fresh. At that time, while hustling to join the armed forces, certain compelling reasons (which I still find tenable till today) necessitated that I refrained from accepting admission (at that particular time) into the university, which resulted in my being seemingly idle at home for a certain number of years. Despite the fact that I used the opportunity of being at home at that time to fully discover and refine my literary talents and to also manoeuvre to sort out certain existential problems, I was stigmatised and maligned by a lot of people who misunderstood the rationale behind my policies and actions at the time, and in later years as I approached the completion of my university education, I resolved that if a similar experience of a waiting period should repeat itself after my university education, I must equally have something concrete to be achieved which would make the time worth the while.
Thus, in a way, there is a parallel between my experience after leaving secondary school and my experience after finishing at the university, as both involved a 'period of waiting'; the only thing being that the factors that brought about each experience (and the justification I have for them), were different.
Right from the beginning of my 300 level in the university, certain serious events occurred which turned out to be watersheds in my life. First, my long-time relationship, which was carefully conceived and nurtured to lead to marriage, suddenly collapsed and this was shortly followed by the death of my beloved mum. These two disastrous events happened barely within a year of each other and both went a long way to degrade my personality, injure my health, weaken my religious faith, and reduce my general prospects of success.
By early 2007, literally everything looked bleak to me - being a person that was mourning the loss of two very important persons in my life - but I knew that somehow, I had to get up and keep moving. I remember that at that time, I used to say these words to myself: 'Luqman, you've been hit. The getting up, is up to you'. Beyond the challenge to get up and keep moving, I realised that I now needed to plan and start certain important things again almost from the scratch. In addition, I knew that my dad, then a Chief Lecturer at Yaba College of Technology, would soon retire, meaning that he would then become a pensioner and be earning less in the form of pension (which would be likely irregular). Prior to that time, me and him had an understanding between us, that I would refrain from working while in the university; that he would finance my university education - all in order to ensure that I gave the best of my time, energy and focus to my studies. Thus, I became increasingly aware that whether I liked it or not, it wouldn't be long that I would be expected to be able to start displaying some semblance of financial independence.
As I drew closer to my final days as a university student, I began to have reasons to believe that even after duly meeting all the requirements of the university, I might have problems collecting my results. This has now gone beyond being merely the promptings of intuition and foresight. Now, I began to see that the experience of some ex students in the School of Part-Time Studies was not encouraging, and thus I was severally warned that a similar fate might be awaiting my own set too.
Beginning from late 2007, I began to spend more of my time on the Internet doing various researches on different ways of making money on the internet. At first, so many interesting things came to my notice and I really did not have any particular focus. However, one thing was happening to me: I was becoming increasingly convinced that I could do real business and make real money, on the internet. A lot of people observed that I was becoming more frequent at cyber cafes at that time; but none suspected that there was more to my attachment to cyber cafes beyond checking emails and normal surfing.
By the end of the first quarter of 2008, I had narrowed my mind to such profit-oriented internet activities like commercial writing, digital currency trade (strictly speaking, distinct from digital currency exchange business - which I was to later add to my business portfolio), paid surveys and profitable PTCs. Along the line I realised that if I were to conveniently start doing serious internet business, I had to develop the capacity to run it from the privacy of my own home.
In November 2008, I acquired my first laptop. From that time, almost 100% of my internet activities would be done from home. 
As things eventually turned out, when I finished my course at the university, many factors worked together to ensure that the results of my set were not released on time. Due to the fact that people narrated different versions and perspectives of the cause of this delay, I wouldn't dabble into that painful and controversial issue here, but one thing that is certain is that whatever was behind the delay of our results, was quite beyond the power of the majority of we, the affected students. As far as I was concerned, the important thing was what to do with the situation. This is where my growing knowledge and familiarity with internet businesses came handy. And this was the beginning of my journey to Aries Dynamics.
Therefore, despite all the grim stories of how my university results were delayed, the fact is that I was one of those ex students of my set who were quite prepared for that eventuality.
I finished the final exams of my Part-time course in 2008 (which was officially to become the concluding year of the course). However, I was to continue working on my project for some time beyond this date. Meanwhile, there were some of my colleagues who had completed their projects as at the time of our final exams. I got the first real sign of the delay of our results' release when this particular set of students started complaining that they couldn't get their results on time. When I finished my own project, it soon came to my own turn to join those hustling and waiting for their results. The story of my hustle for my results is a different matter (and indeed the critics and detractors of Aries Dynamics would have been supportive and sympathetic to Aries Dynamics had it been that they knew the story) , but the summary is that it was highly frustrating and I eventually concluded that it's better for me to start devoting my waiting period to something more worth the while. Even at a stage, some of our lecturers called us aside and advised us to go and find something doing while we awaited our delayed results. Moreover, the hustle for the delayed results was no longer sustainable for me anyway, as it required continuous expenses and long periods of time away from my other important commitments - which included the efforts I was making to lay the foundations of Aries Dynamics.
  On January 5th, 2010 I took the bold step of purchasing about $390 of digital currency in the form of the then Liberty Reserve, announced its availability on my website and I was surprised when, five days later the whole sum was purchased from me at a considerably higher price. This was my very first purchase and resell action ever and it was a complete success.
January 10th, 2010, which was the day I made this very first successful resale of digital currency, became the official date of the commencement of Aries Dynamics. It was on this day that I published the page 'ARIES DYNAMICS' on my website, in which I gave the necessary information about my unfolding business.  Thus, I started Aries Dynamics with a very rudimentary form of digital currency purchase and resale transaction. In the months that followed, I was to streamline my general commercial activities and then list my other online income activities under the portfolio of ARIES DYNAMICS.
   The above narrative is important if I must get the basic understanding of those who do not understand the rationale behind my establishing Aries Dynamics and effectively turning it into my job. If you know my story, you have come closer to understanding me, and my actions and principles as observed today, begin to make more sense.
I had often wondered what would have happened to me since the time I came out of the university - with all the delays in the release of my results - if I had not used my initiative to start Aries Dynamics. Aries Dynamics has turned out to be what effectively filled what would have been a big void in my life in a situation where the result I would have used to pursue a conventional paid job, was unduly delayed. Aries Dynamics made me to become more responsible; to give my life more direction; to have the dignity; the confidence, and to carry the charisma, of an employed person. Aries Dynamics has kept me very busy - in reality on daily basis I am more busy than a lot of people who are engaged in white collar jobs. A cursory look at the Aries Dynamics page on this website would easily reveal that whoever operates this kind of business portfolio must of necessity be a very busy person.
Perhaps, most importantly, Aries Dynamics has gone an appreciable length in meeting my financial needs - and still holding tremendous potentials for my future financial prosperity.
   A major misunderstanding that people have about my operation of Aries Dynamics is that it means that I am reluctant to seek regular, conventional employment or indeed do anything else. It's either these people are ignorant or they simply pretend to be ignorant, of the circumstances that necessitated Aries Dynamics in the first place and the fact that Aries Dynamics was a child of necessity. It is logically impossible for a sane man to devote 7 years to rigorous university education and at the end of the day not interested in putting that education to its intended use. I went to the university to train to be a diplomat and not to be a private business entrepreneur. At least, it could be said that my type of education is the type that conditions a man for a regular, paid employment mainly in the public sector. All this I knew before setting up Aries Dynamics. However, even in the worst scenario, it is better to have an asset and not need it, than to need it and not have it. My principle is that whatever conventional occupation or profession I engage in in the future would have to thrive side by side with Aries Dynamics - in such a way that none would disturb the other, as Aries Dynamics, being a personal business in which I am the owner and the boss, would always be a back-up to any other job I may have in the future. This was designed to effectively raise me above the level of so many people in regular paid employment who rely only on their jobs and who know they would most likely fall back to the 'square one' condition of unemployment if for any reason they lost their jobs. Besides, even though most of these people might be presently earning than Ajibola Aries but with Aries Dynamics, Ajibola Aries is his own boss and can never be queried, sanctioned, sacked or re trenched. Nobody dictates to me when to sleep, for how long I could sleep or when to wake up or when to work. In my own private employment, when I have to work hard for long or extra hours, I do so because I am protecting my business reputation and making money; my hard work and extra hours is done on my own volition and not inspired by fear of query, sanction or punishment.
All these notwithstanding, the fact is that I have always had an eye on alternatives to Aries Dynamics - in as much as such alternative(s) wouldn't disturb the priority I am giving to Aries Dynamics - and indeed I have some definite plans to achieve this. 
  Some people also believe that what I earn from Aries Dynamics is just peanuts. This is another false assumption. The income I earn from Aries Dynamics may not be enormous at present but it is growing, and a job that earns me enough money to be able to feed myself satisfactorily and look fresh and healthy, dress as I like, fuel, service and maintain my car, always have enough credit in my phone, always able to maintain separate, high speed uninterrupted broadband internet connections on my devices, able to help other people financially from time to time, able to make some contributions to the upkeep of family house, among other things, is certainly not a peanut paying job. It is quite true that financially I still have a long way to go as there are major strides I'm yet to be able to afford to take - and indeed at times I do experience periods of shortages of resources, but to describe my earnings as 'peanuts' is quite silly and spurious.
  Among the people who are opposed to, or critical of, my Aries Dynamics project are those who feel that I should drop the project altogether in favour of another job; usually a job which I've not yet secured and which even people who have practically acquired better academic credentials find difficult to secure. Everyone knows how difficult it is to find a job in the country. Those who want me to dismantle Aries Dynamics carefully skip this point, and they try to create the picture of an utopia where a great job automatically awaits you once you've got your certificate. They fail to acknowledge that even after acquiring a certificate, finding a job is another adventure on its own. As I speak, I know a number of people already with good certificates in their hands who are still looking for something to do which could be keeping them busy and at least be earning them something. Some of my former classmates have had the luck to get their results released, but a lot of them are still looking for something to do with it right now. Whenever I speak with them and they hear about my Aries Dynamics business, many tell me that they envy me. And this is one of the reasons why I appreciate what I have.
Very importantly, neither me nor anyone else could be sure of how I am destined to make my breakthrough in life. A wise man wouldn't rule out anything, whether a private business or a job in the public sector.
Some other people are simply sceptical of Aries Dynamics because of certain memories they have of my past mistakes or failures. And so such folks believe that because someone failed in some past endeavours it automatically means he would fail in future endeavours. Silly logic. If that is the way life really works, the world would not move. We all have past mistakes and failures. Past mistakes and failures should never make a real man doubt his future potentials. The past is the past; let it go. Put it where it belongs: the past.
I am very optimistic of Aries Dynamics because I refuse to be held hostage by the past. I rather would draw inspiration from my many past successes to motivate myself in my Aries Dynamics project, than be discouraged by memories of past shortcomings or failures.
  One of the worst things an individual could do to himself is to doubt himself just because some people are unsure of him or are unwilling to support his vision. In my own particular situation, those who doubt the great potentials of Aries Dynamics, most of who are surprisingly related closely to me (including my so-called best friend), had even gone to the extent of cunningly refusing to help finance the project in the hope that this would discourage and frustrate me. That is their own petty way of trying to frustrate a manifest destiny, and I see this as a challenge.
The only way to prove them wrong is to dig my feet deeper and ensure that Aries Dynamics becomes a success story.
This is because Aries Dynamics is my own version of 'the audacity of hope'.

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