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                  The True Story Behind
'The Guy In Goggles'

The irony is that, behind the cover of my sunglasses, I am sometimes tempted to envy those who can move about in broad daylight without any need for sunglasses. They may not fully appreciate what they are enjoying...

I am a person that has always been prone to being misunderstood. And this fact has haunted me since childhood. In fact, one of the reasons why I originally set up Ajibola Aries website is to create a platform for whoever cares, to see and to understand me as what and who I really am. And I have learnt that a lot of people actually care - for whatever reason(s), judging by the consistently high traffic to the Personal Info page.
 In this section I have decided to make some clarifications about the sunglasses I put on; a development whose motive has been misunderstood by many people; something some have created unnecessary issue from, especially when the sunglasses I normally use, are the fashionable ones. 
Indeed there are some people who believe that by so doing I am 'showing' myself. And historically, people don't usually like individuals who they consider to be proud. 
There are also some others who jump to the conclusion that it means I am a 'bad' guy or a player or some sort of shady individual. In-between are those who see me as being strange because of this (despite the fact that sunglasses are in fact not new). On the other hand some others simply admire me for it. 
This is now the time and the right place for me to clarify this issue. I started wearing sunglasses in November 2012, and the simple reason is that my eye problem forced me to start doing so. 
Right from birth I have been troubled by a non-contagious allergic conjuctivitis, and it worsened as I grew up. By November 2012 it had gotten to a rather critical stage, with my retina hardly capable of handling and absorbing sunlight anymore, even when the sun rays come indirectly. This condition also made my eyes sensitive to other things like dust, violent or forceful breeze, and pollen. As such, it resulted in a situation where I often still have to wear sunglasses in the absence of sunlight in order to protect my eyes against other elements I'm allergic to. 
Those who know about non-contagious allergic conjuctivitis are aware that it has no known cure (at least as at this moment). It could only be managed. Thus, the sunglasses that I wear, which have now become like my trademark, plus the medical treatments I receive from time to time to mitigate the condition, are actually important parts of my survival strategy and NOT acts of show or fashion. As for my choice of sunglasses that are rather fashionable ('fashionable' in as much as it's true that my choice of sunglasses are usually not the simple or plain types), it makes some good sense for me to take care of myself in a stylish manner. 
Furthermore, contrary to the perception of some who insinuate that I am 'showing' myself, in reality I am one of the simplest individuals around. My dressings are simple; I hardly even go to parties or social occasions generally; my food is simple; I eat very little and have no special taste; I have very few friends - if any at all; I don't even have any girlfriend and I generally don't go after women or have relationships, neither am I even conscious of what women think of me or whether they even know of my existence. And even in domestic life I rarely participate in open family or group discussions and social life as my efficient solo approach to most daily activities, my highly reticent and introspective nature, plus the nature of my business ensure my preference for a quiet life away from public glare and attention. So, the issue of 'showing' myself as some have insinuated, does not arise at all. I am just a simple, largely individualistic business man in search of economic and financial empowerment towards fulfilling my ultimate ambition to become a philantropist. 
Finally, I want to make it clear that there is a difference between EYE IRRITATION and EYE SIGHT OR VISION PROBLEM. The issue I have with my eyes is EYE IRRITATION (the non-infectious type) and NOT a problem of vision or sight. My eye sight is very good. My eye sight is very sharp. I am very proud to say this. And in fact my parents said I have the sharpest eye sight in my family as I have always passed all eye sight tests. 
Thus in conclusion, behind what turned Ajibola Aries into what some people call 'The Guy In Goggles' is actually a story of one of the important challenges of his life. It is not a story I find pleasant to tell, but I have now publicly said it for the sake of those people who would like to understand me. 
If you have read this page up to here it means you are here either because you are interested in understanding or maybe because you like me, and so it is likely that if you meet someone in future who thinks negative of me because of my trademark sunglasses, you will tell them that far from what they think,'The Guy In Goggles' is actually fighting to protect his eyes, and not 'showing' himself.

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