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                             OUR E-CURRENCY RESERVE

Since January 2010, Ajibola Aries has acquired a reputation for honest and efficient delivery of digital currencies to customers. Our digital currencies are among the most affordable in the industry and our prices have been remarkably stable over the years.
In addition to our honest and efficient delivery, we are also unique for the fact that, unlike other exchangers, on every sale of e-currency we sometime give varying amounts of bonuses to every buyer to help customers cover up for the commisions that may be charged on the digital currency, with the exception of Perfect Money. Thus, we bear the cost of the commission that may be charged by the digital currency operators, on behalf of our customers. We are not aware of any exchanger that offers this concession to customers.
This page provides you with information on our mode of operation.

Perfect Money (PM)  #360/$1  NO N/A
Bitcoin (BTC)  #370/$1  NO  AVAILABLE
Encocoin (XNK)  #50/$1  YES  AVAILABLE
                               Features of Our Service
(1) We sometimes help bear the cost of digital currency transaction commissions on behalf of our customers, provided the customer pays the exact price when purchasing from us. In other words, the bonus does not apply to those who underpay. If the payment by the customer is significantly lower, he will be funded with the volume that corresponds to that significantly lower price. In short, we grant bonus as a rule, but there may be an exception to the rule in rare situations when the customer underpays, or when our reserve volume falls below a favourable level.
Customers that overpay, whether by error or intentionally, will either receive the equivalent of the amount overpayed OR may request for refund.
Please note that due to the change in the policy of Perfect Money which now automatically puts the burden of commission on the sender during transactions, Perfect Money is the only digital currency in which we will not add bonus when we sell. 

(2) All payments for digital currencies are made either through the chosen digital/cryptocurrency wallet of the buyer, or in the case of those paying in Naira, through banks and private electronic transfer; not physically.

(3) Our digital currency prices are non-negotiable. PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO NEGOTIATE PRICES.

(4) For those who would be paying through banks, funding would only be done after we have confirmed your payment through any of our multiple channels of confirmation. In this instance, the only acceptable channels of confirmation of payment are any of these: 
(a) Sms alerts 
(b) email notifications from the bank 
(c) our internet banking platform
(d) ATM.
VERBAL NOTIFICATION OR ASSURANCE OF PAYMENT FROM CUSTOMER(S) WILL NOT BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE LISTED CHANNELS OF CONFIRMATION OF PAYMENT. This is in line with basic, standard methods of payment confirmation in the industry. Those who want quick funding should therefore pay early and if possible, politely ensure that such payments are posted as they pay at the bank.

(5) Once payment is confirmed, funding is usually done rapidly, in line with our Policy of Rapid Funding. Under this circumstance, we can complete funding within 10 minutes to an hour or two.

(6) Customers are required to first of all check this web site's front page to find out about the level of availability, as well as current prices of our digital currencies, before paying. Those who pay before checking first, while the demanded quantity of digital currency is not available, may have to wait till it is available OR demand for refund of their money, to be done within 48 working hours.

(7) Customers are required to submit both their digital currency account details as well as the account name (in the case of PerfectMoney) during transactions. As a rule, we will not fund a customer while he/she has not provided BOTH his/her correct account number and account name (in the case of PerfectMoney transactions) until it has been submited.

(8) We sell on every calender day including weekends and public holidays

(9) We receive payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Perfectmoney USD and Nigerian Naira.

(10) Apart from periodic sms alerts and Whatsap group messages that we might send to customers to notify them of important developments, we are not under obligation to make personal calls to notify or remind individual customers about the availability of digital currencies. You should therefore never blame us for not calling you personally to notify you that digital currencies are available. All customers and other interested persons are free to make enquiries or check this web site for necessary information. Information on this web site is always updated and shall therefore serve as credible updates.

(11) We operate on all calender days. We don't observe weekends or public holidays

(12) There is no minimum amount set for our digital currency sales.

(13) This business concerns only digital currency sale on small, medium and large scales, and should not be confused with the traditional Bureau de Change - which I am not connected to in any way. 


                   Whatsapp: +2348028114058
                   Telegram:  +2348028114058

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