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To source for bitcoins and other criptocurrencies, we use safe and efficient mining softwares like Minergate which run on our systems round the clock.
ARIES DYNAMICS also uses EOBOT SHA-256 v4.0 on 5-year contract to mine Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Dash and Ripple.
Minergate v.5.16, on the other hand, is used by ARIES DYNAMICS to mine XMR and Dash on a long haul basis for onward conversion to BTC.
Beginning from January 2019, ARIES DYNAMICS also acquired its first masternode on the mining pool of the Encocoin network, with our coins domiciled in Encocoin Core wallet 5.7.1.
Apart from software mining, on this page are listed our alternative sources of cripto-currencies that are ultimately channeled towards the sustenance of the main commercial activities of ARIES DYNAMICS.

                         ENCOCOIN MASTERNODE


                                       REF BIT

                               GENESIS MINING

                                MOON BITCOIN

                                                     BONUS BITCOIN                


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