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  Encocoin White Paper
           ENCOCOIN WHITE PAPER      
Encocoin: the advanced solution for local money transactions with a global market usage.
Encocoin (XNK) is a cryptocurrency/digital solution for seamless modern day money transactions. Encocoin (XNK) is a digital cash that you can use to make all your payments or any money transaction whenever and wherever you are.
By using Encocoin (XNK), your e-commerce business, private payments, your online business, your retailing store can speed up money transactions with both clients and suppliers, which allows you to save money and boost your business growth. Trust EncoCoin (XNK) and start using our secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world.
                         Table of contents

1. Disadvantages of traditional money transaction method
2. The breakthrough solution of Encocoin (XNK)
3. What is Encocoin (XNK)?
4. Outstanding features of Encocoin (XNK)
5. Key features of Encocoin (XNK) applications
6. Encocoin (XNK) Wallet
7. The diverse ecosystem of Encocoin (XNK)
8. Road map
9. Guidance to the use of Encocoin (XNK)
10. Trade floor
11. Brand and value building of Encocoin (XNK)
12. Encocoin (XNK)
13. Potential Users and Investors of Encocoin (XNK)
Highlighted are disadvantages inherent or associated with, the present traditional money transaction methods:
· High fees: The users of traditional methods are being charged a high fee when they make transactions across international borders, and even a huge amount of maintenance and warranty costs for software and hardware devices.
· Time-consuming: It could be time-consuming, and therefore inconvenient, when transferring money among different banks and different nations.
· Administrative barriers: Administrative barriers/protocols could be time consuming and unnecessarily cumbersome.
Blockchain has demonstrated a great promise of utility over several fields including Internet of Things" (IoT), finance, governance, identity management, web decentralization and asset tracking.
Encocoin (XNK) predicated on the blockchain is an advanced solution which could allow users access to a simpler, safer and faster transaction method. People from all walks of life can take advantage of Encocoin (XNK) for their own sake.
Encocoin (XNK) provides users with a global fast money transaction that is absolutely safe and with lowest fee.
No more red tape and no more annoying bank procedures. Encocoin (XNK) allows you access the most user-friendly application, especially payment transaction via apps for smart phones and window systems.
EncoCcoin (XNK) is a peer-to-peer electronic monetary system based on the blockchaincryptography like Bitcoin, yet with its own uniqueness. It exhibits characteristics similar to physical currencies (such as USD), however what makes it distinct is that it allows for instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer-of-value and ownership.
As all payments are processed through secured servers, so that users do not need to worry about any risk involved. It is a user-friendly system that allows your trust and control over it.
Our system is vastly superior to existing systems with the ability to protect users from all hackers, easy to use with the ability to speedily confirm a legitimate transaction. Encocoin (XNK) is accessible and available wherever and whenever you are in need, no limits, no boundaries, which means you can purchase or sell products and services, transfer money to your family and friends at an extremely low cost by an instant confirmation network without any interruption.
We also provide you with our debit card system, which could be easily used via your smart phones and POS.
Unlike many other cryptocurrency coins, Encocoin (XNK) is designed to not only become a digital currency that can meet the highest advanced technology standards but also become the most user friendly digital cash and can be easily used by anyone.
 Encocoin (XNK) is:
 Based on Blockchain technology·
 Peer-to-peer network·
 Not controlled by any institution or government·
               Encocoin (XNK) Specifications:
                    Coin algorithm : Scrypt 
                    Type: PoW/PoS
                    Coin abbreviation: XNK
                    Total Coin Supply: 23,100,000
                    Block reward: 5 coins
                    PoS percentage: 85% per year
                    Last PoW block: block 1000
                    Min. stake age: 8 hours
                    Max. stake age: unlimited
                    Coinbase maturity: 20 blocks
                    Target spacing: 60 seconds
                    Target lifespan: 1 block
                    Transaction confirmations: 6 blocks
Encocoin (XNK) is a unique and distinct digital cash with great processing speed: transaction confirmation occurs just within seconds. Our blockchain technology allows Encocoin (XNK) the capability of surpassing any other cryptocurrency when it comes to the speed of money transactions. 
Low Fees:
In comparison with the cost that traditional methods may charge, Encocoin (XNK) charges users same low fees both for local and international transactions. 
Privacy Guarantee:
All of your private information including money sender, money receiver, amount of money and every other confidential information have no chance of being leaked with our very advanced blockchain technology. 
High Level of Security:
The blockchain system allows you the ability to protect your account from all attacks.
Your transaction cannot be interfered with under any circumstance. 
Encocoin (XNK) apps such as debit card and other mobile apps provide you with the simplest handling apps being made to meet your money transaction demands. No matter who you are: a business man, a normal consumer, or an individual desiring to transfer your money to your acquaintance, Encocoin (XNK) is your best choice.
Encocoin offers entrepreneurs access to the most convenient method of payment when it comes to making payments regarding business expenses including wages, payments for suppliers, for goods and services all over the world, within seconds, with an extremely low/customizable transaction fee. Transactions are free from all bureaucratic bottlenecks and cumbersome traditional banking procedures. Entrepreneurs can use Encocoin (XNK) and all related apps to reach a greater segment of customers domestically and internationally. 
Online business and retails stores:
You can boost your sale and speed up your business growth using Encocoin and our related apps on smart phone.
You and your customers cannot ask for more. From this moment, the most advanced yet simple method is in your hand. By integrating Encocoin and the apps on your online business and retailing stores, you can absolutely improve your chance of doing international transactions with ease.
Powerful API for payouts automation:
If you desire to automate your payouts, Encocoin (XNK) API is exactly what you need. Our system will provide you with an API so that you can connect with your customers, your suppliers and even your employees, which would make it convenient for you to make any payment with those kinds of people.
Checkout for merchants:
Encocoin enables you to start receiving your payments on your own website.
No more cash Limit:
There is no more limit to carry foreign exchange to anywhere you go with Encocoin (XNK). No more worries about the exchange rate fees that you may be charged, and many other expenses related to money exchange and transfer. Therefore, save your time and money. The less the cash, the safer.
Other daily money transactions:
With Encocoin (XNK), just within seconds, you can access your money transferred from anyone anywhere on this planet. Faster, simpler, safer yet cheaper.
Here are some types of wallet that we offer the Encocoin (XNK) users:
 Desktop wallet: Window, Linux, Mac
Mobile wallet: Android App, iOS App. Mobile wallet app is designed with the highest level of security and it is really a user-friendly app that you could trust in and have a fulfilling transaction.
Debit Card:
Using Debit Card of Encocoin (XNK) is the simplest and the most convenient way to make your payments and do your money transactions. We, with our partners, will provide you with the Debit Card that you can use anywhere, at anytime all over the world. You can also use it to withdraw or transfer money via any ATM machine.
Mobile App:
With your smart phone, you just need to download Encocoin mobile apps, and then you can start transferring money to your friends and making any payment with your clients, your partners, and your suppliers. By using Encocoin (XNK) apps, there is no need filling out tons of annoying forms which are time-consuming and may result in delay in getting business done.
 8.    ROAD MAP
Each step in the roadmap demonstrates our commitment and effort to ensure that everything would be done correctly at the right time, so that we could timely provide platforms for users to do their business, their money transactions or investments. This road map would provide you with the most user friendly ways to use Encocoin (XNK).
                            ENCOCOIN ROAD MAP                              
                Aug 30th, 2017:  PROJECT IDEA
                Dec 10th, 2017:  Launch of web based wallets
                Dec 15th, 2017:  Block Explorer Website
                Jan 16th, 2018:   Launch of android walle
                Aug 16th, 2018: Algorithm and symbol change
                Aug 18th,2018:   POW Blocks Completed
                Aug 21st,  2018:   Global Announcement and Giveaways
                Aug 22nd, 2018:   Encocoin Direct Payment Exchange Listing
                Sept 1st, 2018:   More Listing & MN Set-up
                April 10, 2019:  More Direct Payment Platforms
                August 16, 2019: Community Support Services
After ICO ends, the wallets will officially be launched and an internal trading floor will be opened so that you can buy and sell your Encocoin (XNK). This is the time that you could earn a great profit. You could either hold your Encocoin (XNK) for lending or sell it to earn profit. So, Encocoin Lending program is one of the gateways to members’ financial success.
You can trade and make profit on the Encocoin (XNK) Exchange, from, BiteX, to other exchange sites.
 PR, marketing campaigns and press releases on the digital currency as well as Fintech field, and on prestigious business magazines.·
 Funding for business events, especially Blockchain and Fintech related events.·
 Invest in prestigious blockchain, Fintech and digital currency start-ups.·
 Collaborating with partners to deliver unmatched value, practical applications to continue to deliver a cost-effective and life-saving solution for people around the world.
On behalf of Encocoin (XNK) Team, we thank you for your interest in our White paper.
The White paper has given you a brief summary about our mission and vision, our commitment to all Encocoin (XNK) users. To fulfill our commitment, we have organized our Teams as below:
Development Team:
This is our key Team, on whom we have invested a huge amount of budget so that our Team could continually improve and generate outstanding and stable technology value for Encocoin (XNK).
It is our great honor to have a chance to work with the most talented and leading groups in the digital currency field. We are committed to cooperate and try our best to provide you with the most advanced and breakthrough products and services.
Management Team:
A remarkable success requires a long term vision as well as leading management experience. This is the reason we have decided to work with the most experienced and talented managers in technology, marketing, business field.
Consultant Team:
Instead of wasting time on things that have not been approved to be feasible, we choose to work with experienced and successful people, who know what to do to realize their financial success with a number of projects and what to do to help others to do achieve set dreams.
Third party partners:
Beside our own team, we also cooperate with Third party partners. We believe that with their experience and ability, they would contribute a lot to the success of Encocoin
(XNK). We have always considered whom to work with, so that we all together would provide you with the best products and services ever.
 All types of business including traditional business, e-commerce business and all kinds of individuals who need to transfer money to their clients, suppliers, or to their friends and families.
Beside those people with particular usage purposes, investors will use Encocoin (XNK) as a way to diversify their investment portfolio. Investors invest in Encocoin (XNK) because they believe that with the expansion of Encocoin community and the development of Encocoin outstanding apps, Encocoin price will increase over time. Investing in Encocoin today is your investment for the future. Despite our desire, advanced payment applied blockchain technology will gradually replace the traditional payment model of today.

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