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Being an educative post that was pinned to the Telegram group of Cryptohall Membership.    

                                                           By Ajibola Aries

The 2FA is a powerful layer of security for internet logins which has so far been unbreached and is therefore considered the best. For this reason EncoCoin wallet uses 2FA as its choice second layer of login security.

It is therefore very advisable that every user of the EncoCoin wallet use 2fa. 

Most of the recently reported EncoCoin wallet login problems stem from most people not knowing the proper way of using 2 factor authentication.

The most common mistake people make is that they actually use the wrong code for login in and thus they continue to see login errors.

Now, here are the steps you must take to properly enable 2FA for your EncoCoin wallet:

(1) Sign up on and then login

(2) Once you are logged in, click on 'Enable 2FA'. A relatively long code will then be generated. This is a very important code. Save this code carefully on your phone and somewhere else. 

(3) Go to Google Play and download Google 2fa authentication to your phone. If this is the first time you've used Authenticator, tap Begin setup. To add a new account, in the bottom right, click Add +. Then when you are asked to login on the 2fa application , use Encoin Wallet or EncoCoin or NKN as the name of your account and then that code (which was originally generated when you first enabled 2FA) as your secret key or password. I chose Manual Entry (instead of using bar code) when I was doing my own.

(5) Turn on Time Based and then click on DONE.

(4) Then you will see the codes that the app generates. Whenever you want to login to your EncoCoin wallet, make sure you quickly memorise the code (six digit number) that the app generates at that moment, then fill in this number and click 'login' (after you have entered your username and password). Then you will be able to login. Simple.

Thus, that first long code that you generated when you initially clicked on 'enable 2fa' is VERY IMPORTANT: that is the code you will use to set up your 2FA authenticator for that same EncoCoin account, should you lose your phone and you need to get access to your EncoCoin account again. So, please keep it carefully and don't ever let it get lost. IT IS THIS SAME CODE THAT SOME PEOPLE TRY TO USE ON THE LOGIN FORM (instead of the random six digit time based code generated inside the 2FA application), WHICH IS WHY THEY CANNOT LOGIN.

Some others click on 'enable 2FA' but fail to take note of or save this code and so they can neither login again nor continue the 2fa installation process. Some others click on 'enable 2FA' but did not download the application. These are mistakes that mostly account for login problems. However, if you carefully follow the steps above, you are good to go.

If, however you have already made any of these serious errors and you no longer have access to your EncoCoin wallet, you would need to write to these addresses:  and and you must include evidence of your ownership of that account.


I hope a lot of people would find this helpful. 

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