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FORUM - Why you may sometimes not see payment notification mails

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FORUM => Online Payment Processors => Why you may sometimes not see payment notification mails




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07/05/2011 4:55pm (UTC)[quote]
Sometimes it does happen that you request for payment from a particular program and for a long time afterwards, you keep thinking that your payment has not been processed by the site. You begin to suspect that maybe the site has gone scam. Then, along the line, for one reason or the other, you checked your Liberty Reserve payment History and then you discovered that the money has been paid! Normally, Liberty Reserve should send payment notification emails whenever you get paid, but occasionally, such emails don't come. It may be due to some kinds of technical itches from the Liberty Reserve website itself, but whatever the reason(s) may be, this is one of the reasons why you should not always jump so quickly to conclusion that a site has stopped paying you or that it is playing games.
In recent days, Liberty Reserve has got this little problem. Payment notification emails have not been coming, though other things continue normally. This is not only to enlighten people who are still new to the use of Liberty Reserve, but to also douse the tension in people who have been affected by this problem, which, we hope, will be resolved soonest.

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