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Ajibola Aries on 05/18/2016 at 9:58am (UTC)
 Be informed that due to our increasing involvement in cryptocurrency mining and our use of efficient online exchange platforms, we have included the following cryptocurrencies to our items of sale:
(1) Litecoins
(2) Ethereum
(3) Dogecoin
(4) Dash
(5) Bitecoin
(6) Peercoin
(7) NuBits
(8) Clam
(9) CounterParty
(10) Storjoin X
(11) Monero
(12) Namecoin
(13) MadeSafeCoin
(14) Black Coin
(15) Redd Coin
These cryptocurrencies, though not displayed in the main currencies column on this site, shall be made available only on demand.

Ajibola Aries on 12/18/2015 at 12:45am (UTC)
 This is actually not supposed to be news, because this feature has always been there. However, the notification is placed here again for us to emphasize the fact that articles from members and non-members are welcome. All articles are however subject to the rules of The Liberal and Variety Website. Our Website Policy will not be altered or modified to suit the interests or convenience of anyone.
If you are interested in making article submission to this website, please kindly take your time to read the page 'Website Policy' before you make your contribution(s).
More information about article submission is available to logged in users in The Forum.

ADMIN on 06/22/2015 at 12:18am (UTC)
 On Saturday June 20, 2015, the decision was taken to the effect that Ajibola Aries' activities of trading in shares mainly on the platform of MyTrafficValue, becomes recognised as a separate business on its own, and should therefore be listed on the ARIES DYNAMICS page. Ajibola Aries' trade in shares has been going on for about three years but we waited for the volume of his shares to rise to a certain level before the decision for this trade to get listed on the ARIES DYNAMICS page.
The recent sudden change in the management of MyTrafficValue, which heralded a period of surging share prices, encouraged us to flow with the trend by purchasing shares in the evening of Wednesday June 17, based on our calculations that there would be further surges in share prices in subsequent days and weeks.
The overall plan is to use the proceeds from this 'shares trade' to stabilise other sectors of ARIES DYNAMICS, by periodically injecting these funds into any ailing sector. This is a long-term plan, and depends on the movements of share prices.

ADMIN on 03/20/2015 at 2:08am (UTC)
 With effect from March 20, 2015, Payeer digital currency payment processor has been added to the list of the digital currencies we trade in.
In view of the fact that Egopay has lost a lot of its credibility and is apparently going down, we consider Payeer as a credible alternative, and in replacing Egopay with Payeer, it is likely that for the most parts, our sales of Payeer digital currencies would be dedicated to exchangers within Africa.

Ajibola Aries on 12/01/2014 at 7:19am (UTC)
 Effective from December 1, 2014, Bitcoin has been listed as one of the digital currencies for sale on our E-Currency Reserve, with its status set at AVAILABLE. On the other hand, SolidTrustPay has been removed until further notice.
Customers need to be informed that we have a real plan to return STP to the list in the not-too-distant future, by which time we would have rebuilt our STP reserve in the background.
We are sincerely of the belief that temporarily removing STP from the list pending the time that it would be truly available, is better than retaining it on the list of digital currencies with NOT AVAILABLE status. That, to us, is not good for business.

Ajibola Aries on 11/22/2014 at 10:15pm (UTC)
 On Saturday November 22, 2014, we changed the status of our Egopay sales to N/A (Not available). It is very important that we clarify the reason behind this change of status, because, unlike other changes of status of our digital currencies, in this case it does not mean that we lack Egopay. The reason behind this change of status is what we decided to explain here.
We observe that unlike other digital currencies we deal in, for a good number of months now, our customers have not been demanding for Egopay. This meant that for several months, our available stock of Egopay had been lying idle, not being bought or exchanged neither had it been bringing us any profit. In order to ensure that these idle Egopay begin to do something useful to us, we decided to withdraw them from our reserve and then inject them into one of our pools of investments. We are convinced that pending the time that customers will begin to demand for Egopay again, in the meantime we can be making profits on these invested funds instead of allowing them to remain idle.
Therefore, we would advise interested customers to give us advanced notice if they foresee that they will begin to demand for Egopay again, in which case we will gladly begin to make Egopay available in our reserves again.
Thanks very much.


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